My Path On Being A Youtuber

Last March 2018, I decided to be a Video Creator in Youtube. I created and uploaded a video. I have 0 subscriber, no one knows me, who I am? Why would they even bother to check my channel? My first video got 2 or 3 views and the next video got 0 view. I felt that maybe being a Youtuber was really not meant for me. I’m a nobody and probably just someone who’s trying his luck to be known someday. I got frustrated that Youtube gave impossible requirements for new Youtubers who wanted their channel to be monetized. It’s so impossible to achieve to the point that you just want to give up your dreams. I continue what I’m doing, still not even a single comment on my videos. I decided If someone follows me and love my work. I will really communicate with my subscribers. Luckily after a couple of months of hard work, things changed. My channel became so busy and I’m so near to unlock all the requirements of Youtube! Just be patient and believe on yourself. If no one does, there’s always YOU on the equation! God speed! 😉

If you’re not yet a subscriber on my channel. It’s very easy to do that.

Step 1: Make sure that you’re logged at your Youtube account.

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As easy as that, so please support my channel guys. 😉

Calling Out Youtubers Out There

Hello Fellow Youtubers,

I’m writing this blog to ask for your full support and assistance on helping me to gain subscribers and to fulfill my watched hours needed for the new requirements to monetize my videos. We know how hard it is to gain subscriber mostly if you just created your channel but I know at one point in time. You can related to what’s happening to me and so I create this blog so we can help each other by posting comments of your url Youtube Channel so I can follow and subscribe at your account and hopefully all of us can do the same.

What people think about Youtubers?

  • Some people might think, most of the Youtubers nowadays, upload videos just to earn money. Well if you think about that on my fellow youtubers, why don’t you think it like this way. You’re just sitting right now at your couch or lying at your bed and just watching the videos uploaded by hardworking people just to make you laugh, cry, be inspired, be motivated or giving you tips,etc. Isn’t it unfair if you could just watch the craft of the Youtubers for free and yet, you still want to rant at social media about Youtubers just making videos for money.
  • Try to think that, we took this profession as our own professional job. It’s the same as what you think about your job. We just have different method on earning our salary. Why don’t you also think that maybe they will use that money to buy things for their next video.
  • They said the quality and content of the videos became low, mostly to the big Youtubers.

Anyway, I just share a couple of things I just read lately on what others think about other Youtubers. I hope that even if other Vlogger became so popular. Hopefully they can still manage to give what their audience really want and need. All in all, we need to be thankful that they have faith and believe on us when they started to click the Subscribe button.

Hopefully guys we can all support each other to grow and learn from each other. See you at my Youtube Channel. Please Like and Subscribe here.

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Have a nice day and God bless everyone!

☆ RL Cross ☆

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