My 2nd Tattoo – Philippine Flag & God is Good

I had my 2nd ink last 2014 in Philippines. I choose to have it inked by one of the best tattoo artist in PH. His name is “Emao” Clemen, you can follow his Instagram account by searching his name. He is working under P&P Tattoo Pilipinas. Probably the best tattoo shop in PH.

I decided to have my motherland to be inked to my bicep as they said it’s very painful and I will be honest, it’s really painful. Well, the pain is worth it after all.

Philippine Flag: I love my motherland Philippines and I’m very proud to have it inked. You can also see that it looks like it has been ripped off from my skin. It means, whatever you do to me, I will always be proud to be a Filipino.

God is Good: I added a text God is Good because I always believed that everything that happens to us. God will always be there for us. Things might not come as what we wish for and what we expect but for sure there’s a right time for everything. God loves us no matter what, he gave unconditional love that nobody can ever share. Like what our family can do for us.

Say No to Discrimination

Thanks for reading my blog. May people try to dig deep before they discriminate people with tattoo.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😊😎

My 1st Tattoo – RL Cross

I got my first tattoo around 2012 if I’m not mistaken which is located at the middle of my upper back. I never regret and will always be proud of it. Me and my great artist @francis_field had some brain storming for the design. I told him what I want. I shared what’s on my mind then he told me. “I will do the rest”. The result was amazing and way better than what I’m expecting.

The Story Behind

King of Kings: As a Roman Catholic, I dedicated it for Jesus Christ. Our God, the Messiah, the true King of Kings & God of all Gods. For me, it has a double meaning. I’m glad that there’s another meaning and the other one is Triple H. He was my childhood hero and people also call him the King of Kings.

RL: You can see below the crown 2 letters. It’s my name initials. R means Raymond and L means Lester.

King’s Crown: It’s God’s crown since he ‘s the King of Kings. I wanted him to be in the center of my tattoo. My parents always reminds us this line “God should always be at the center of your life and you’ll have a happy life”.

S Shape: Try to look inside the cross, you’ll see the S shape. We decided to create a design that symbolizes that God is the Superior.

Raise of the Sun: If you’ll check out the crown. You’ll see the raise of the sun above the crown. It means, every downfall, struggles & challenges that we encountered. There’s always a new beginning and hope.

Angel’s Wings: As a Roman Catholic, I really believed that there’s an Angel that look for us. The followers of Jesus Christ. Who also guides us and protects us.

I told myself before having a tattoo that I will always think about a deep meaning that symbolizes my life. I hope you will do the same if ever that you’ll have one.

Tattoo is really a work of art that other people up to now cannot accept. They will never understand the true meaning of it unless they will have one. Let’s not judge a person based on tattoo. I heard a couple of negative things from people who hated people with tattoos.

Love them because you’ll never know where they are coming from..

RL Cross signing off! 😎😊😎

Amazing Songkran Festival 2018

Normally we celebrate the New Year in Philippines with family & some close friends. Visiting the church and sharing food until midnight. It’s so cool that we even have a countdown from December 31 up to January 1. When you go out from your home. You’ll witness the beautiful fireworks everywhere you go. People were rejoicing that we successfully finish another year and we felt that it’s another chapter of our life. Anyway, I just want to share a different style of New Yeat which can be seen in Thailand “The Land of Smiles”.

Yesterday, I attended my 1st Songran festival which is also known as the Water Festival or Thai New Year. Me and my Thai family went to the temple as early as 7AM to pray for our loved. Visiting the Thai temple and praying is the best way to start the Songkran.

My wife let me do one of the Thai tradition in the temple where you need to shake the sticks with numbers and you can read the result of it. I got my fortune stick and checked the result. It says “I will lose a lot of things but it will be back at the right time”. I’ll be honest, it’s quite true.

We went back home at around 9:30AM. Buy a couple of food at the market for our breakfast and take a rest.

We are talking about Water Festival right! Look what we have here!

I’m super excited to experience how they celebrate this event! Let’s take it to the street!

People were waiting at the stop light while holding their water guns

Time to Start the Water Party!

āļŋ15-āļŋ20 baht for a full tank of my Big Gun

The Colorful Afro Gang

Good example why Thailand was called “The Land of Smiles” – Thai Officers

If I will rate my 1st Songkran experience. I will give it a 10/10, if you can see my previous post. I never give a perfect rating but this time I will.

The place is not the important thing to enjoy the Songkran festival. What really matters is to have fun and celebrate this kind of event with your loved ones. I’m so blessed that I managed to maximized my time. 😍

By the way, when we arrived at home. I noticed that my passport was missing. I just want to remind you guys, please be careful with all of your things. Don’t be careless. I’m guilty of being one. Probably, I enjoyed it so much but it shouldn’t be a reason.

Everyone knows how important our passport and we should really take care of it. I’m not expecting to get back my passport. I don’t have a contact number of the taxi driver because we didn’t use Uber or Grab. I can’t even remember the name of the taxi or even his plate number. I planned to visit the nearest police station so I can file a report.



At around 2:40AM, we’re hearing a loud horn from a car and the doorbell kept on ringing. My wife wake me up and told me that the taxi driver went back and he gave me my passport. I’m so blessed that the Taxi driver gave so much effort just to bring back my passport. I hope every Taxi driver will just be like you. Remember the message that I get from the Temple. “I will lose a lot of things but it will be back at the right time” – It happened so quick!

Again, thank you so much. You made my Songkran so much fun and full of happiness. I will pray to God to bless you and your whole family.

Happy Songkran Thailand! We âĪ ðŸ‡đ🇭!

You can also check a couple of video clips of my Songkran experienced in my Youtube Channel. Just click the link;



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Thank you guys for reading my blog. I hope you can experience the Songkran Festival. God bless everyone.

RL Cross signing off! ðŸ‡ĩ🇭âĪðŸ‡đ🇭

Getting Ready For Songkran Festival

Advance Happy Songkran Festival Thailand ðŸ‡đ🇭😍ðŸ‡ĩ🇭

The Songkran Festival also known as the water festival or Thai New Year. The Thai people everywhere in Thailand celebrates the water as a ritual of washing away all the negative things from the previous year. It serves to wash-away all the bad luck and sins.

Thai people used to enjoy around the whole Thailand using different activities using water. A good example would be rejoicing with your family, friends, colleagues, etc with a water gun.

If you can visit Thailand during this kind of season. You will understand more why their country was called “The Land of Smiles”.

Again, Happy Songkran Festival everyone.

The Beauty of Thai Writing

I think this is a good sign for me to really stay here in Thailand. Resting from work for a couple of months and enriching yourself to learn new language, mostly if you live outside your country can really help a lot.

It doesn’t matter if a company will hire you that they are using the standard English but the work will be faster if you can communicate using their native language.

To my colleagues who thinks that learning Thai is very difficult. – Yes it is, but if you’ll prioritize and give an effort. Nothing is impossible.

Who Says that Humans Cannot Fly

You got it right, humans can really not fly without using any machines that has been created by the fast growing technology of this generation but have you ever think that even though we don’t have a wings we can still soar up high.

We manage to think that only in the movies that humans can really fly but there’s what we called dream big and fly up in the sky. Most of the teenagers nowadays can be so reckless because of their aggressiveness towards their craft. Sometimes it can be an advantage when you’re so aggressive on the things that you’re doing but most of the time it can also fail at the end.

I’ve learned from my parents that everything in the world that we really wanted can be possible if we give our best on what we wanted to do. At first I thought, we should be more realistic than being so positive on everything. Well have you ever think that most of the richest and powerful people around the world failed a lot of times before they succeeded on their professions. The key thing about them, it’s because they never give up. They never lose hope. They believe that whatever challenges that they encountered. They are ready to fight back and move forward. We should aim high for us to achieve our goals. If we always think that everything is impossible then we will just be stuck in the middle of our goals. Have you ever think that the owner of the biggest companies around the world thinks that they can be as big as what they are now. Most of them if you watched their interviews, they always said “I never imagined that I will be as successful as what I am now”. I saw a couple of people that they said “They are just lucky”, well it’s not true. Behind their fabulous and extravagant life, no one see the beauty of hard work and effort that they encountered. We should rather appreciate and be inspired instead of saying negative things about them.

A friend of mine shared his dad’s advised to him before “Do everything that you want to do now, start a business, follow your dreams and act, take a risk and be motivated, focus and be unique because once you get old and you want to try and take a risk. If you fail, you might end up being bankrupt”. His dad explains to him that while you are young, do it now so when you fail you still got a lot of energy within yourself.

Life can be a rollercoaster. You may encountered a lot of challenges but at the end when you are on the finish line. It felt so good. Again, aim high and never give up.

Thank you for reading my blog guys.

RL Cross signing off! 😊😎😊

Remembering Majesty King Rama IX of Thailand: King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Had a chance to draw again after a couple of years. Remembering the King Rama IX of Thailand: King Bhumibol Adulyadej

You are such an inspiration not only for your country of Thailand but also to the whole world.

I stayed in Thailand for 4 months now and get back and forth for 3 years here in your motherland. Now I can understand why your country loves you so much. God bless Thailand.

Time to prepare for my Thai class ðŸ‡ĩ🇭âĪðŸ‡đ🇭

RL Cross signing off! 😍😍😍

The Other Half That Makes You Complete

A couple of years ago. I used to be one of the teenagers who used to play around the school. Enjoying basketball with my friends and just messing around with my schoolmates. Before, it felt like there’s a lot of time and I used to remind myself “How I wish to get older really quick”. It felt like it’s more cool and fun when you’re older. You’re riding your own car without any restrictions from your parents. You can date someone and bring them out from the city. Freedom indeed right! though the truth is, everything that our parents do for us was really the right thing.

Emotional feelings before towards our partner was more of infatuation or what they called “puppy love”. We get hurt, cry, sad, depressed and frustrated but haven’t you noticed. We can survive from the pain when someone broke our heart. Well, it’s because we’re a lil bit young at that time and we’re learning from our mistakes.

I know that most of us has been hurt or left by our partners even though we’ve tried to be perfect just for them. Sometimes I’m thinking why didn’t God separate the people who just love to play around in a relationship and the people who’s more serious in a relationship. I didn’t blame God, I know that he just want us to have our own free will. Meeting someone who will just hurt you doesn’t mean it’s a mistake. I think every struggle, heartache and challenges that comes into our life makes us stronger and to be a better person. Probably it’s an eye opener for us to see the reality.

Never ever give up when someone broke your heart. I know some of your friends will tell you “Hey, stop crying, there’s a lot of girls or boys out there”. Well they can’t understand the point of “Yes, there’s a lot of Girls and Boys out there, but it’s hard to find that special someone”. Don’t worry our friends just want to help us to move on.

Things can really be so hard. The pain stays longer that it ruins our life. Sometimes when we walk around we can see the places that takes us back from the memory of the past. Our tears starts to fall, our heart starts to feel the pain again, the sadness, different emotions starts to flow, it’s hard to breathe.. ðŸ˜Ē

We are all the same, people who loves their partner so much. Who sacrificed a lot to the point that everything just revolves to that person; I KNOW that you don’t go out with your friends that much anymore, you even sacrificed your time with your family, always thinking about them as your first ptiority, you cannot do all the things you normally do before you met them, you tried to adjust for them just to be perfect for them, etc. that’s the reason why it hurts a lot and it’s hard to move on… BUT!

I want you to know that, you don’t need to find that special someone just to move on. My advise for you; just love yourself first. You hurt yourself so much and now it’s time to heal the pain. Give time and relax. You can try to travel alone, it doesn’t mean that being alone means you are a loner. Sometimes we just need to getaway from everything and just go far away from where we normally stay. Peaceful place with a good ambiance can help you meditate and release all the pain and stress. Go out with your family and make sure to enjoy every second of it. Always remember, when everyone in the world hated you so much and hurts you. Our family will always be there for us. Hangout with your close friends and I’m sure they missed you so much! Go to the gym and start to focus on your health and try to be fit. I’m sure after your heart got broken. You either ate a lot of food or drink a lot of alcohol. Now it’s time to treat yourself the way that it deserves to be treated. All the pain that you’re encounterung right now will be gone soon. It may not be that easy to move on but don’t worry. God is with you, your family is with you and I’m sure your close friends will be there for you. Don’t worry if you need some advise. You can always contact me here at my blog site.

Last but not the least, after all the pain and struggles that you’ve encountered. You will meet again your other half. Much better, will accept all your imperfections, will be there for you no matter what, will love you till death do us part.

Whatever happens, stay strong and I’m sure everything’s gonna be alright. God bless us all and if you’re hurt right now. I will pray for you and wish you all the best. You will be fine. Trust me. 😀

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL cross signing off! 😍😎😍

We Are Not Born To Please Everyone

When someone say to you negative things such as;

  • You are fat!
  • You are a pig!
  • You are as big as a whale!
  • You are ugly!
  • You are a biatch!
  • You are stupid!

Let them say all the things that they wanted to say. You know people like them, have a messy and unstable life. They just want to be funny in the wrong way. Loves to seek for attention. People like them should be ignored.

What if I tell you the sweetest revenge is to LOVE YOURSELF. Sorry guys but I don’t tolerate people to do bad things. We don’t want to be on their level right? Be confident and humble. Keep yourself healthy and stay away from them. You’ll notice that bullies like them will suddenly be gone in your life.

If you will workout and plan to be fit. You should do it because you really like it, but if you do it just because you’re irritated to your bashers. Nevermind! We are not born to please everyone. We are born to live our life and love the people who deserves to be loved.

You know when they said “The beauty is is in the eye of the beholder”. Each of us is unique, we are all beautiful in so many ways. If they cannot appreciate that then they are blind. God loves us so much. Respect yourself before others can truly respect you.

I wish you all “Happy Easter”. God bless.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😍😎

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