Watch “Teenage Dream – Katy Perry (RL Cross Cover) | KimterWorld PRENUP Video” on YouTube

I used our Prenuptial Video on my Teenage Dream Cover!

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The original music that we’ve used on our Prenup Video is Beauty & The Beast of Ariana Grande & John Legend but since I’m having a hard time on uploading this in my social account. I just cover a song that I just practiced today and recorded it using my Samsung S8+ phone for the audio.

Enjoy listening to my Katy Perry Teenage Dream cover.

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Mike Shinoda – Over Again/Papercut | Post Traumatic Tour | KROQ Weenie Roast” on YouTube

Mike Shinoda’s fist solo performance of Over Again/Papercut Mashup after the death of our beloved Chester Bennigton.

The video purpose is to support Mike Shinoda’s upcoming concert here in Bangkok. Fans can rejoice that Post Traumatic Tour live in Bangkok will be held on August 9 at the Central World shopping mall GMM Live House. Buy your tickets now.

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Watch “Mr. Big – Wild World | From Past To Present Tribute” on YouTube

I created this TRIBUTE to one of my favorite bands of all time. I’m sure you’ll love it, don’t even miss one second of the video. See you Mr. Big this June 12, 2018 in Bangkok. I already bought my Ticket! You can check out the video that I created on my Youtube Channel.

►Watch Mr. Big – Wild World | From Past To Present Tribute

Buy their ticket now at ThaiTicketMajor. Let’s support Mr. Big on their upcoming show.
Mr. Big Live in Bangkok – June 12, 2018
Concert Venue: GMM Live House @ Central World Fl.8

Anyone here in Thailand who will also watch Mr. Big? 😊😎

Harry Styles (ONE DIRECTION) | Live On Tour | Live In Bangkok 2018

To Harry Styles lovers out there. I tried to do a highlights of his concert here in Bangkok yesterday. Enjoy guys and hope you can subscribe at my Youtube Channel.

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Watch “Coldplay – The Scientist Easy Acoustic Guitar Tutorial” on YouTube

Guitar Tutorial for all of you guys. I’ve been busy lately on my Youtube Channel that’s why you can notice that I’m not that active here on my blog site lately. Since I love to inspire you guys about my fitness goals and some inspiring quotes based on my own words. I also want to share some Guitar tutorial to you guys.

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Tues-Wed Fitspiration – Never Give Up

I have this knee problem that sometimes I cannot go down on stairs. I fell down a lot of times from running, playing basketball and some weird training just to do back flip when I’m young. I even had a wrist problem that I cannot even open a door. The first thing that pops out to my head. “F@ck, can I still lift weights!”. I went to Pain & Rehab just to make sure, I can recover as fast as I can. I’m just praying to God that I can still use my left hand at that time. I thought I can never ever lift weights again. I’m so thankful aftter a couple of months. I returned to gym. Try to lift low weights while still attending a rehab. Luckily, after half year. I can lift heavy weights again though I tried to customized my workout since up to now. I have a trauma on bending my wrist using a straight bar, so normally I used curled barbell and put heavy weights and if I use straight barbell during my bicep training. I will just put low weights. Always remember, never give up!

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Farewell Avicii & Thank You

When I’m reading my facebook newsfeeds this morning. A shocking news stunned me and I really can’t believed that it’s really true. I even checked different articles because I don’t want to believe what I just read. It says on the article that Avicii died at 28. To be honest, I hated people who create hoax news just for a click-bait but this time it’s really true.

I’ve been an avid fan of his music and he produced it with heart and his energy in the stage even though he’s already suffering from health issues for so many years. He still released great music for his fans. I really don’t understand why our favorite artists died before 30.

How I wish they can be more careful and try to take care of their health before anything else. I know it’s hard to do that since they are always on tour and of course drinking a couple of drinks and then go back to work again and show their limitless energy on stage. It’s a big loss for the music industry losing great artist like him.

I know, we can relate to each other that even though we’re not a family of them bust still on our heart. We’re inspired by their music. This guy gave such passion on his craft even though he’s suffering from health issues at an age of 21.

As a fan, I want to thank you for your music and dedication that made us smile and enjoy while playing your music. I wish your family well and I hope that his fellow artists will love themselves before anything else.

R.I.P Tim Bergling AKA DJ Avicii

Farewell DJ Avicii

You will be missed…

My Journey Of Being A Youtuber

On my previous blog Proud to Finished my Youtube Channel post. I’m so happy that I finally finished creating my Youtube Channel and I’m very happy that by doing some researched and asking a couple of Vlogger friends. Finally, I’m doing one of my bucket lists.

Why Do I Want To Be A Youtuber?

My family, friends and colleagues always tell me “You love taking videos and photos everytime you step on a place that you visit” so I always replied “It’s because it reminds me of good memories and sometimes I want to check and see them when I’m just at home”. I checked my laptop and saw that I have 500Gb of photos and videos from my smart phone and camera. I just realized, why can’t I share this to the people so they can experience as well, how lovely life can really be.

Who Inspires and Motivates Me?

Whenever I surfed at my social media like Youtube and Instagram. I saw a lot of videos around the net shared by different people about their lives and I’m so inspired how beautiful the places they’ve been. My wife always asked me to play for her and when I’m chillin’ with our friends at home or at their place, we usually play Guitar and sometimes when we want to sing a song and we forget the chords or lyrics of it. We will search in Youtube or google and it makes life easier because of the people who contributed their own videos to help other people. My friends said to me “Why don’t you create your own Guitar Tutorial in Youtube” since you love helping other people why don’t you share your talent by uploading basic guitar tutorial.

You can click this Link, to see me playing my guitar while singing it.

You & Me by Lifehouse => You and Me – Lifehouse Guitar Tutorial

Push By Matchbox20 => Push – Matcbox20 Guitar Tutorial

When You Say Nothing At All By Ronan Keating => When You Say Nothing At All – Ronan Keating Guitar Tutorial

You can check out my Youtube Channel so you can see my playlist. You can also request a song and I will try to upload and play for you.

Youtube for WP

Does Vlogging Pressures Me?

I will not say it pressures me because the videos that I will upload will be seen in public. For me, every time that I upload something on the net. I always want to inspire and motivate people on my craft. It may not be like a pro but if you put an effort and happiness to what you are doing. People will start to love and support your goals. Nothing is perfect in this world, believe on yourself and do what you love to do.

To My Followers In WordPress,

I’m so thankful enough that you guys supported me on being a blogger. It doesn’t mean that I created my Youtube Channel means I will stop writing. My answer is “NO”, I will continue writing everyday for you guys as much as I can. You’re all amazing in so many ways, you’re also one of my inspirations why I’m so inspired to write everyday. I hope the support that you’ve given here in wordpress can extend on supporting me on my path as a Vlogger. Thank you again guys, may you have a blessed weekend. I hope that you can subscribe at my Youtube Channel and I hope that you will be entertained on the videos that I uploaded.

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