Friday RL Cross Message Before Weekend

Let the past teach you a lesson and learn from it. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t look back and make each trials from the past be a lesson to make us a better person for our present and our future. Walk straight and stand tall. Life is so short to make it more complicated.

☆ RL Cross ☆

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My Journey Of Being A Youtuber

On my previous blog Proud to Finished my Youtube Channel post. I’m so happy that I finally finished creating my Youtube Channel and I’m very happy that by doing some researched and asking a couple of Vlogger friends. Finally, I’m doing one of my bucket lists.

Why Do I Want To Be A Youtuber?

My family, friends and colleagues always tell me “You love taking videos and photos everytime you step on a place that you visit” so I always replied “It’s because it reminds me of good memories and sometimes I want to check and see them when I’m just at home”. I checked my laptop and saw that I have 500Gb of photos and videos from my smart phone and camera. I just realized, why can’t I share this to the people so they can experience as well, how lovely life can really be.

Who Inspires and Motivates Me?

Whenever I surfed at my social media like Youtube and Instagram. I saw a lot of videos around the net shared by different people about their lives and I’m so inspired how beautiful the places they’ve been. My wife always asked me to play for her and when I’m chillin’ with our friends at home or at their place, we usually play Guitar and sometimes when we want to sing a song and we forget the chords or lyrics of it. We will search in Youtube or google and it makes life easier because of the people who contributed their own videos to help other people. My friends said to me “Why don’t you create your own Guitar Tutorial in Youtube” since you love helping other people why don’t you share your talent by uploading basic guitar tutorial.

You can click this Link, to see me playing my guitar while singing it.

You & Me by Lifehouse => You and Me – Lifehouse Guitar Tutorial

Push By Matchbox20 => Push – Matcbox20 Guitar Tutorial

When You Say Nothing At All By Ronan Keating => When You Say Nothing At All – Ronan Keating Guitar Tutorial

You can check out my Youtube Channel so you can see my playlist. You can also request a song and I will try to upload and play for you.

Youtube for WP

Does Vlogging Pressures Me?

I will not say it pressures me because the videos that I will upload will be seen in public. For me, every time that I upload something on the net. I always want to inspire and motivate people on my craft. It may not be like a pro but if you put an effort and happiness to what you are doing. People will start to love and support your goals. Nothing is perfect in this world, believe on yourself and do what you love to do.

To My Followers In WordPress,

I’m so thankful enough that you guys supported me on being a blogger. It doesn’t mean that I created my Youtube Channel means I will stop writing. My answer is “NO”, I will continue writing everyday for you guys as much as I can. You’re all amazing in so many ways, you’re also one of my inspirations why I’m so inspired to write everyday. I hope the support that you’ve given here in wordpress can extend on supporting me on my path as a Vlogger. Thank you again guys, may you have a blessed weekend. I hope that you can subscribe at my Youtube Channel and I hope that you will be entertained on the videos that I uploaded.

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Proud to Finished my Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel.png

Hello Guys, I’m so happy that I finished customizing my own Youtube Channel. Hope you can support me on my new venture on being a Vlogger. I created my Youtube Channel to inspire people on playing music and of course to share my life here in Thailand. I arrived here last year November 2017 and that inspires me to do videos and share it to everyone. I love photos and filming, it reminds me of good memories that I want others to see. I will be uploading things that tourist can visit here in Thailand in case that you decide to visit here. Hope you can support me and subscribe at my channel. Thank you and God bless.

Please click the link to visit my Youtube Channel.

My Youtube Introduction: FarangInBangkok

My Youtube Channel:

Thank you in advance. I believed that you will support me on my new venture. God bless everyone and have a great day.

1,000 Like & Counting..

Guys I would like to thank all of you for supporting my blog. I hope that you keep on reading my new blogs and actually you can visit my old posts. I thought that I would never achieve such a goal but without your support this will never be possible.

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Thank you again and may God bless all of you.

Chillin’ at Apirom Thailamd


Yesterday, me and my friend went to our favorite local bar here in Thailand. The name of the place is Apirom. I bring my guitar with me, sing a couple of songs and my friend got his camera with him and take some video just for fun. 😎😉

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I’m planning to upload a couple of videos there if I will get a lot of support from you guys. Thank you in advance.

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Getting Ready For Songkran Festival

Advance Happy Songkran Festival Thailand 🇹🇭😍🇵🇭

The Songkran Festival also known as the water festival or Thai New Year. The Thai people everywhere in Thailand celebrates the water as a ritual of washing away all the negative things from the previous year. It serves to wash-away all the bad luck and sins.

Thai people used to enjoy around the whole Thailand using different activities using water. A good example would be rejoicing with your family, friends, colleagues, etc with a water gun.

If you can visit Thailand during this kind of season. You will understand more why their country was called “The Land of Smiles”.

Again, Happy Songkran Festival everyone.

The Beauty of Thai Writing

I think this is a good sign for me to really stay here in Thailand. Resting from work for a couple of months and enriching yourself to learn new language, mostly if you live outside your country can really help a lot.

It doesn’t matter if a company will hire you that they are using the standard English but the work will be faster if you can communicate using their native language.

To my colleagues who thinks that learning Thai is very difficult. – Yes it is, but if you’ll prioritize and give an effort. Nothing is impossible.

5 Solutions To Have a Happy Life

Before the Monday comes, most of the people were wishing for a longer weekend or a surprised holiday announcement from the government. What do you think are the common reasons why do people ask for a longer vacation.

1. Stress From Work/Burnout
A normal employee go to work at least 8 hours a day but sometimes when you have a tight pipeline of work. We go beyond the standard working hours which can cause a very stressful mood. Sometimes we even needed to work during weekends or even holidays and that’s the time that you will feel that you’re already burnout.

Solution: Never ever skip your meals. Always remember, food is the source of our energy and make sure to eat healthy food. Try to relax, do some movement every hour, that can help the circulation of your blood to be better and your muscles won’t be so lazy since you’re probably not creating any movement unless your work is more of a physical job. Do some meditation and drink a lot of water and don’t forget your Vitamins.

2. Too Much Traffic

If you’re working in the Central City of your country. Even if your house is only 5Km from your work. You will end up, driving more than an hour because you know why? Every employees, businessman, students, etc. will go back to their home at the same time. It’s what we call rush hour.

Solution: Ask the government to fix and create new roads & skytrain, etc. 😂 I would suggest to visit the nearest Mall or place from your work where you can chill and relax while waiting for the rush hour to be finish. This is very useful mostly at Friday night.

3. Precious Time

Since most of our time has been consumed from working and the heavy traffic. We will end up losing time for our family. It’s sad this happened to most of the people around the world but I just hope we can still find a way to give them our time.

Solution: Wake up early and start your day with a big smile. Pray to God and give thanks. Prepare a good breakfast and eat together. During dinner, try as much as you can if you can eat dinner with your family together. Watch a movie or play around with your kids.

4. Being Unhealthy

We’re losing so much time as I mentioned above. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourself. We eat unhealthy food like instant noodles, canned goods because it’s quick to prepare.

Solution: I tried to cook a lot so I can just warm them and you can buy a couple of fresh veggies and fruits. It’s easy to prepare a Tuna salad trust me. 😊

5. Activities Is A Must

Most of the people that I know, always reason out being busy makes their life a big mess and lazy from doing other activities.

Solution: Even how busy you are you can still do a couple of activities like Gym together with your family, play games with your family or friends after work, hangout and unwind.

Don’t worry, all of the things that I’ve said. I experienced it all and it’s proven that I’m so blessed that I found a solution to each problem that I think we can really give a solution. I hope that I can help you guys. Have a great day.

Thanks for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😍😎