I’m just an ordinary guy just like you who wanted to explore different things that life has to offer. I created this blog site to help people that nothing is impossible if you just focus and prioritize what you really wanted to do. I want to inspire and motivate everyone that even an ordinary guy can make a big difference.

I’ve done different type of things since I’m young because I always believe that if you will not do what you really love to do. At the end, you will regret it and sometimes opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me my whole life. I’ve tried different type of things like Modeling, Musician – Guitarist, Trainer for different generation of men/women and of course for almost a decade being a Software Quality Assurance as my profession. All of it, makes my life complete.

Who is RL Cross?

Lifestyle and Fitness Lover, Musician, Dog Lover, Freelance Model and your ordinary guy who wanted to encourage everyone that nothing is impossible.

Things I Love

Fitness, , Cooking, Music, Traveling, Beach, Games, Whiskey, Socials, Food Trip, Chicken & Egg, Spicy Food, Laughing, Extreme Sports, Conversations, Reading Current Events, Words of Wisdom, Watching Movies, Playing Guitar, Being an IT and of course my loving Family and God.

Where I am?

Normally, I updated my Instagram account and I posted a couple of photos every day. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Just click the ‘Contact Me’ and I will try my best to respond within the day.


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