BIGGEST MANGA COLLECTION 2018: Oom The Manga Collector – Over 10,000 Volumes

Oom finished reading and collected more than 10,000++ Manga/Anime Book ever since. I’m so glad to share to the world his own treasure. He love to read around 1 to 2 books a day. Check the whole description to see the Facts about Oom.

Facts About Oom:

The best thing about Oom, he donated around 5,000 manga books to less fortunate kids. For him, sharing his collection will shower him more blessings and he can give smile to them. Such a kind-hearted person.

He is a Thai and I’m sure Thai people will be proud of him.

He started being a fan of Manga/Anime during his elementary days.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 遊☆戯☆王 is his first Manga before he started collecting books.

What you can see on the video was only the 1st floor of his Book collection. We did not yet include his books in the Storage room and 2nd floor.

He can read around 1 to 2 books per day.

The fastest book that he read, he finished it in just 3 to 4 hours, but without any distractions.

Our very own Oom The Manga Collector doesn’t love to hangout. He just enjoyed managing his own restaurant and reading books, watching anime series and movies or playing Playstation. He is currently playing Monster Hunter at the moment. He also play Nintendo DS and other Smartphone games.

Sequence of the Video:

1:04 – 2:19: Welcome To Oom’s Book Collection Shelves
2:21 – 9:25: Listen to the music while taking a glimpse of Oom’s Manga Collection but only infront and only on the 1st floor.
9:26 – 24:45: Showed you a couple of Books inlcuding the cover.
24:46 – 36:39: Question & Answer with our very own Oom!

Don’t worry guys, I will let Oom, see your feedback.

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