Tues-Wed Fitspiration – Never Give Up

I have this knee problem that sometimes I cannot go down on stairs. I fell down a lot of times from running, playing basketball and some weird training just to do back flip when I’m young. I even had a wrist problem that I cannot even open a door. The first thing that pops out to my head. “F@ck, can I still lift weights!”. I went to Pain & Rehab just to make sure, I can recover as fast as I can. I’m just praying to God that I can still use my left hand at that time. I thought I can never ever lift weights again. I’m so thankful aftter a couple of months. I returned to gym. Try to lift low weights while still attending a rehab. Luckily, after half year. I can lift heavy weights again though I tried to customized my workout since up to now. I have a trauma on bending my wrist using a straight bar, so normally I used curled barbell and put heavy weights and if I use straight barbell during my bicep training. I will just put low weights. Always remember, never give up!

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