Farewell Avicii & Thank You

When I’m reading my facebook newsfeeds this morning. A shocking news stunned me and I really can’t believed that it’s really true. I even checked different articles because I don’t want to believe what I just read. It says on the article that Avicii died at 28. To be honest, I hated people who create hoax news just for a click-bait but this time it’s really true.

I’ve been an avid fan of his music and he produced it with heart and his energy in the stage even though he’s already suffering from health issues for so many years. He still released great music for his fans. I really don’t understand why our favorite artists died before 30.

How I wish they can be more careful and try to take care of their health before anything else. I know it’s hard to do that since they are always on tour and of course drinking a couple of drinks and then go back to work again and show their limitless energy on stage. It’s a big loss for the music industry losing great artist like him.

I know, we can relate to each other that even though we’re not a family of them bust still on our heart. We’re inspired by their music. This guy gave such passion on his craft even though he’s suffering from health issues at an age of 21.

As a fan, I want to thank you for your music and dedication that made us smile and enjoy while playing your music. I wish your family well and I hope that his fellow artists will love themselves before anything else.

R.I.P Tim Bergling AKA DJ Avicii

Farewell DJ Avicii

You will be missed…


11 thoughts on “Farewell Avicii & Thank You

  1. I also wrote a blog post today about Avicii. I couldn’t stop crying when I heard the sad news yesterday 😢 I have been a fan so long….. It’s so sad 💔 I went to a concert in Amsterdam in 2014 and it was amazing! Did you see the documentary about him named True Stories? I will watch it because there he describes his health problems. I just wish that people would care more about famous people and support them because also they are going through their own struggles. We think they have a perfect life and it isn’t true. Thank you for your beautiful post. We will forever miss Avicii but the music will forever be played 💜🎶 Sorry for long rant

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    1. I haven’t seen it yet about his documentary. I will definitely check it. One by one, we’re losing our favorite artists. Some of them suicides, some due to health issues. I’m sure it’s hard to live a life of being so famous but d💔mn, they should be more careful. Chester Beninngton of Linkinpark just died a couple of months ago. We only have 1 life to live with. I understand your sentiments as I fell the same way.

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      1. So true. As I suffer from anxiety I know life can be though but I will go on. I think the famous world is really hard and especially when you are struggling with physical and mental health. We only see the good parts but there’s definitely a dark side we don’t see. There must be a reason why they begin to drink so much. Avicii did that but then quit drinking because he had pancreatitis. Michael Jackson died of an overdose and many more commit suicide like Chester, Robbie Williams actor…. You are so right.

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      2. Yes so much a lot. If you come to think, with everything that they have but the privacy they probably needed so much. Too much hyped on their life and party all night, your body will really give up at one point. They should really be more careful or else they will end up like Avicii. Sad but true.

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