My 2nd Tattoo – Philippine Flag & God is Good

I had my 2nd ink last 2014 in Philippines. I choose to have it inked by one of the best tattoo artist in PH. His name is “Emao” Clemen, you can follow his Instagram account by searching his name. He is working under P&P Tattoo Pilipinas. Probably the best tattoo shop in PH.

I decided to have my motherland to be inked to my bicep as they said it’s very painful and I will be honest, it’s really painful. Well, the pain is worth it after all.

Philippine Flag: I love my motherland Philippines and I’m very proud to have it inked. You can also see that it looks like it has been ripped off from my skin. It means, whatever you do to me, I will always be proud to be a Filipino.

God is Good: I added a text God is Good because I always believed that everything that happens to us. God will always be there for us. Things might not come as what we wish for and what we expect but for sure there’s a right time for everything. God loves us no matter what, he gave unconditional love that nobody can ever share. Like what our family can do for us.

Say No to Discrimination

Thanks for reading my blog. May people try to dig deep before they discriminate people with tattoo.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😊😎


7 thoughts on “My 2nd Tattoo – Philippine Flag & God is Good

  1. Love it, love it, love it!! On another note … Hey!! Thanks for stopping by β€œIt Is What It Is” … and the follow. Hope you enjoy your visits there!! Hugs … Peace!!’ __/l\__ … ❀

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      1. Hi there, new blogger friend … thanks for the follow. I did follow your blog, your YouTube and your Instagram … very interesting!! Peace … __/l\__


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