My 1st Tattoo – RL Cross

I got my first tattoo around 2012 if I’m not mistaken which is located at the middle of my upper back. I never regret and will always be proud of it. Me and my great artist @francis_field had some brain storming for the design. I told him what I want. I shared what’s on my mind then he told me. “I will do the rest”. The result was amazing and way better than what I’m expecting.

The Story Behind

King of Kings: As a Roman Catholic, I dedicated it for Jesus Christ. Our God, the Messiah, the true King of Kings & God of all Gods. For me, it has a double meaning. I’m glad that there’s another meaning and the other one is Triple H. He was my childhood hero and people also call him the King of Kings.

RL: You can see below the crown 2 letters. It’s my name initials. R means Raymond and L means Lester.

King’s Crown: It’s God’s crown since he ‘s the King of Kings. I wanted him to be in the center of my tattoo. My parents always reminds us this line “God should always be at the center of your life and you’ll have a happy life”.

S Shape: Try to look inside the cross, you’ll see the S shape. We decided to create a design that symbolizes that God is the Superior.

Raise of the Sun: If you’ll check out the crown. You’ll see the raise of the sun above the crown. It means, every downfall, struggles & challenges that we encountered. There’s always a new beginning and hope.

Angel’s Wings: As a Roman Catholic, I really believed that there’s an Angel that look for us. The followers of Jesus Christ. Who also guides us and protects us.

I told myself before having a tattoo that I will always think about a deep meaning that symbolizes my life. I hope you will do the same if ever that you’ll have one.

Tattoo is really a work of art that other people up to now cannot accept. They will never understand the true meaning of it unless they will have one. Let’s not judge a person based on tattoo. I heard a couple of negative things from people who hated people with tattoos.

Love them because you’ll never know where they are coming from..

RL Cross signing off! 😎😊😎


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