Amazing Songkran Festival 2018

Normally we celebrate the New Year in Philippines with family & some close friends. Visiting the church and sharing food until midnight. It’s so cool that we even have a countdown from December 31 up to January 1. When you go out from your home. You’ll witness the beautiful fireworks everywhere you go. People were rejoicing that we successfully finish another year and we felt that it’s another chapter of our life. Anyway, I just want to share a different style of New Yeat which can be seen in Thailand “The Land of Smiles”.

Yesterday, I attended my 1st Songran festival which is also known as the Water Festival or Thai New Year. Me and my Thai family went to the temple as early as 7AM to pray for our loved. Visiting the Thai temple and praying is the best way to start the Songkran.

My wife let me do one of the Thai tradition in the temple where you need to shake the sticks with numbers and you can read the result of it. I got my fortune stick and checked the result. It says “I will lose a lot of things but it will be back at the right time”. I’ll be honest, it’s quite true.

We went back home at around 9:30AM. Buy a couple of food at the market for our breakfast and take a rest.

We are talking about Water Festival right! Look what we have here!

I’m super excited to experience how they celebrate this event! Let’s take it to the street!

People were waiting at the stop light while holding their water guns

Time to Start the Water Party!

฿15-฿20 baht for a full tank of my Big Gun

The Colorful Afro Gang

Good example why Thailand was called “The Land of Smiles” – Thai Officers

If I will rate my 1st Songkran experience. I will give it a 10/10, if you can see my previous post. I never give a perfect rating but this time I will.

The place is not the important thing to enjoy the Songkran festival. What really matters is to have fun and celebrate this kind of event with your loved ones. I’m so blessed that I managed to maximized my time. 😍

By the way, when we arrived at home. I noticed that my passport was missing. I just want to remind you guys, please be careful with all of your things. Don’t be careless. I’m guilty of being one. Probably, I enjoyed it so much but it shouldn’t be a reason.

Everyone knows how important our passport and we should really take care of it. I’m not expecting to get back my passport. I don’t have a contact number of the taxi driver because we didn’t use Uber or Grab. I can’t even remember the name of the taxi or even his plate number. I planned to visit the nearest police station so I can file a report.



At around 2:40AM, we’re hearing a loud horn from a car and the doorbell kept on ringing. My wife wake me up and told me that the taxi driver went back and he gave me my passport. I’m so blessed that the Taxi driver gave so much effort just to bring back my passport. I hope every Taxi driver will just be like you. Remember the message that I get from the Temple. “I will lose a lot of things but it will be back at the right time” – It happened so quick!

Again, thank you so much. You made my Songkran so much fun and full of happiness. I will pray to God to bless you and your whole family.

Happy Songkran Thailand! We ❤ 🇹🇭!

You can also check a couple of video clips of my Songkran experienced in my Youtube Channel. Just click the link;



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Thank you guys for reading my blog. I hope you can experience the Songkran Festival. God bless everyone.

RL Cross signing off! 🇵🇭❤🇹🇭


4 thoughts on “Amazing Songkran Festival 2018

    1. Yes, it’s really fun. Actually I have a lot of photos and video clips at my phone. I’m very happy that there’s such an honest person like him. 😊


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