Fitwhey – Best Online Shop for Supplements

As a Gym addict, I used to buy a couple of supplements for my workout. When I’m in the Philippines, I used to buy in the Mall since the price is really cheap but of course it depends upon what Mall.

When I arrived here in Thailand last year. I planned to rest for a while on taking supplements for the rest of the year. Now, it’s summer time again and so it’s better to buy a supplement like Whey with a combination of Creatine.

I went to visit different Malls here in Bangkok and I just noticed that the price of a supplement were so expensive. Even the local Whey that’s not even popular around the world were quite expensive.

I roam around, check out different shops but at the end I decided not to buy. It’s like double the normal price if I will buy it in the Philippines or in US. I try to call my Thai friend and ask him if he knows a shop where I can buy cheaper price of the supplements. He suggested to me to visit the FitWhey website. Just click this link –》FitWhey

Well what can I say, I’m so amazed how cheap the price of the supplements, accessories, equipments, etc. on their website. They also gave a lot of promo which you can buy more cheap than their standard price. I ordered last week the BAAM!! Starter Set with a staggering price for only ฿2,099!!! from ฿2,697.

The package that I ordered for only ฿2,099!!! includes the following;

You can also choose what color of your Fitwhey Shaker. All you just need to do is click the dropdown button.

Anyway, I ordered this set and they deliver it to me in just a few days. It arrived to my home sealed on a nice box.

What more can you asked for! Buy now and again don’t forget to check out their website and I’m sure you can save a lot of money buying your favorite brands on this website. They have almost all the brands out there.

Very Happy & Satisfied Customer

Again here’s the link to their website –》

Thanks for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off!


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