5 Solutions To Have a Happy Life

Before the Monday comes, most of the people were wishing for a longer weekend or a surprised holiday announcement from the government. What do you think are the common reasons why do people ask for a longer vacation.

1. Stress From Work/Burnout
A normal employee go to work at least 8 hours a day but sometimes when you have a tight pipeline of work. We go beyond the standard working hours which can cause a very stressful mood. Sometimes we even needed to work during weekends or even holidays and that’s the time that you will feel that you’re already burnout.

Solution: Never ever skip your meals. Always remember, food is the source of our energy and make sure to eat healthy food. Try to relax, do some movement every hour, that can help the circulation of your blood to be better and your muscles won’t be so lazy since you’re probably not creating any movement unless your work is more of a physical job. Do some meditation and drink a lot of water and don’t forget your Vitamins.

2. Too Much Traffic

If you’re working in the Central City of your country. Even if your house is only 5Km from your work. You will end up, driving more than an hour because you know why? Every employees, businessman, students, etc. will go back to their home at the same time. It’s what we call rush hour.

Solution: Ask the government to fix and create new roads & skytrain, etc. πŸ˜‚ I would suggest to visit the nearest Mall or place from your work where you can chill and relax while waiting for the rush hour to be finish. This is very useful mostly at Friday night.

3. Precious Time

Since most of our time has been consumed from working and the heavy traffic. We will end up losing time for our family. It’s sad this happened to most of the people around the world but I just hope we can still find a way to give them our time.

Solution: Wake up early and start your day with a big smile. Pray to God and give thanks. Prepare a good breakfast and eat together. During dinner, try as much as you can if you can eat dinner with your family together. Watch a movie or play around with your kids.

4. Being Unhealthy

We’re losing so much time as I mentioned above. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourself. We eat unhealthy food like instant noodles, canned goods because it’s quick to prepare.

Solution: I tried to cook a lot so I can just warm them and you can buy a couple of fresh veggies and fruits. It’s easy to prepare a Tuna salad trust me. 😊

5. Activities Is A Must

Most of the people that I know, always reason out being busy makes their life a big mess and lazy from doing other activities.

Solution: Even how busy you are you can still do a couple of activities like Gym together with your family, play games with your family or friends after work, hangout and unwind.

Don’t worry, all of the things that I’ve said. I experienced it all and it’s proven that I’m so blessed that I found a solution to each problem that I think we can really give a solution. I hope that I can help you guys. Have a great day.

Thanks for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😍😎


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