Who Says that Humans Cannot Fly

You got it right, humans can really not fly without using any machines that has been created by the fast growing technology of this generation but have you ever think that even though we don’t have a wings we can still soar up high.

We manage to think that only in the movies that humans can really fly but there’s what we called dream big and fly up in the sky. Most of the teenagers nowadays can be so reckless because of their aggressiveness towards their craft. Sometimes it can be an advantage when you’re so aggressive on the things that you’re doing but most of the time it can also fail at the end.

I’ve learned from my parents that everything in the world that we really wanted can be possible if we give our best on what we wanted to do. At first I thought, we should be more realistic than being so positive on everything. Well have you ever think that most of the richest and powerful people around the world failed a lot of times before they succeeded on their professions. The key thing about them, it’s because they never give up. They never lose hope. They believe that whatever challenges that they encountered. They are ready to fight back and move forward. We should aim high for us to achieve our goals. If we always think that everything is impossible then we will just be stuck in the middle of our goals. Have you ever think that the owner of the biggest companies around the world thinks that they can be as big as what they are now. Most of them if you watched their interviews, they always said “I never imagined that I will be as successful as what I am now”. I saw a couple of people that they said “They are just lucky”, well it’s not true. Behind their fabulous and extravagant life, no one see the beauty of hard work and effort that they encountered. We should rather appreciate and be inspired instead of saying negative things about them.

A friend of mine shared his dad’s advised to him before “Do everything that you want to do now, start a business, follow your dreams and act, take a risk and be motivated, focus and be unique because once you get old and you want to try and take a risk. If you fail, you might end up being bankrupt”. His dad explains to him that while you are young, do it now so when you fail you still got a lot of energy within yourself.

Life can be a rollercoaster. You may encountered a lot of challenges but at the end when you are on the finish line. It felt so good. Again, aim high and never give up.

Thank you for reading my blog guys.

RL Cross signing off! 😊😎😊


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