The Other Half That Makes You Complete

A couple of years ago. I used to be one of the teenagers who used to play around the school. Enjoying basketball with my friends and just messing around with my schoolmates. Before, it felt like there’s a lot of time and I used to remind myself “How I wish to get older really quick”. It felt like it’s more cool and fun when you’re older. You’re riding your own car without any restrictions from your parents. You can date someone and bring them out from the city. Freedom indeed right! though the truth is, everything that our parents do for us was really the right thing.

Emotional feelings before towards our partner was more of infatuation or what they called “puppy love”. We get hurt, cry, sad, depressed and frustrated but haven’t you noticed. We can survive from the pain when someone broke our heart. Well, it’s because we’re a lil bit young at that time and we’re learning from our mistakes.

I know that most of us has been hurt or left by our partners even though we’ve tried to be perfect just for them. Sometimes I’m thinking why didn’t God separate the people who just love to play around in a relationship and the people who’s more serious in a relationship. I didn’t blame God, I know that he just want us to have our own free will. Meeting someone who will just hurt you doesn’t mean it’s a mistake. I think every struggle, heartache and challenges that comes into our life makes us stronger and to be a better person. Probably it’s an eye opener for us to see the reality.

Never ever give up when someone broke your heart. I know some of your friends will tell you “Hey, stop crying, there’s a lot of girls or boys out there”. Well they can’t understand the point of “Yes, there’s a lot of Girls and Boys out there, but it’s hard to find that special someone”. Don’t worry our friends just want to help us to move on.

Things can really be so hard. The pain stays longer that it ruins our life. Sometimes when we walk around we can see the places that takes us back from the memory of the past. Our tears starts to fall, our heart starts to feel the pain again, the sadness, different emotions starts to flow, it’s hard to breathe.. 😒

We are all the same, people who loves their partner so much. Who sacrificed a lot to the point that everything just revolves to that person; I KNOW that you don’t go out with your friends that much anymore, you even sacrificed your time with your family, always thinking about them as your first ptiority, you cannot do all the things you normally do before you met them, you tried to adjust for them just to be perfect for them, etc. that’s the reason why it hurts a lot and it’s hard to move on… BUT!

I want you to know that, you don’t need to find that special someone just to move on. My advise for you; just love yourself first. You hurt yourself so much and now it’s time to heal the pain. Give time and relax. You can try to travel alone, it doesn’t mean that being alone means you are a loner. Sometimes we just need to getaway from everything and just go far away from where we normally stay. Peaceful place with a good ambiance can help you meditate and release all the pain and stress. Go out with your family and make sure to enjoy every second of it. Always remember, when everyone in the world hated you so much and hurts you. Our family will always be there for us. Hangout with your close friends and I’m sure they missed you so much! Go to the gym and start to focus on your health and try to be fit. I’m sure after your heart got broken. You either ate a lot of food or drink a lot of alcohol. Now it’s time to treat yourself the way that it deserves to be treated. All the pain that you’re encounterung right now will be gone soon. It may not be that easy to move on but don’t worry. God is with you, your family is with you and I’m sure your close friends will be there for you. Don’t worry if you need some advise. You can always contact me here at my blog site.

Last but not the least, after all the pain and struggles that you’ve encountered. You will meet again your other half. Much better, will accept all your imperfections, will be there for you no matter what, will love you till death do us part.

Whatever happens, stay strong and I’m sure everything’s gonna be alright. God bless us all and if you’re hurt right now. I will pray for you and wish you all the best. You will be fine. Trust me. πŸ˜€

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL cross signing off! 😍😎😍


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