Live What You Love & Eat What You Have

Am I the only one who loves to eat Green Food? 😍😍😍 or should I say vegetables. – of course I know a lot of you guys loves to include SALAD when you go to a restaurant.

I’ve been raised by my family to eat vegetables mostly our grandparents. I’ll be very honest with you guys. I don’t love vegetables before but my parents force us to eat it. πŸ˜‚ You know the feeling when you see the Pork, Beef, Chicken or Sea Food infront of you. Sometimes you will just ignore the vegetables right?

Things changed as I get older. Mostly when I started to be more fit. I realized that we should take care of ourselves more. We should eat right and be healthy. It doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to eat our favorite food but as much as possible if we can avoid unhealthy food we should.

What I can suggest if you really don’t like any vegetables. Try to eat a little bit once in a while. You’ll realize as time goes by, you’re not forcing anymore yourself to eat it and I’m sure you will fell in love with it.

Sometimes if you combine something with your veggies it can really be more fun to eat your meal. Sometimes you can even eat that alone. Some people realize the importance of eating healthy food when they are already old. It’s quite sad when it’s too late…

No need to worry. Probably for you who’s reading my blog now. You can start eating the right food. Vegetables and Fruits is Love. Better start loving it guys. Let’s be more fit and healthy. Life is so good so enjoy every second of it. If you want your life to be longer, start changing your lifestyle to be more healthy. 😍

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off! 😍😍😍


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