Discrimination Should Be Stop

We are living in the world surrounded by different people with different personalities. One of the most disgusting people nowadays. Is the people who is very judgemental. Did you ask yourself things like…

Am I so perfect?

Do I really have true friends?

Do they really like me as a friend?

Does the status in life really matters?

Did I use what I earned to share to less fortunate people?

A lot of questions right. I just noticed people can really judge you in so many ways. Some of them will judge you by your look and your size. If you have tattoos they will even think that you’re not a good man/woman and people who dress up wearing very formal clothes, leather shoes with a combination of coat and tie would be the good man or the rich person.

Some people will even look at you so bad while looking at your tattoo. What they didn’t know, we look at it as a work of art and most of our tattoos have a deep meaning. You’ll never know the person behind that formal clothes would be terrible. Discriminating by the way you look like was a big No No No.

Some people will even bash you when you are overweight. Some even cursing them that they will die young because of being unhealthy. Instead of bashing people, why can’t we just help them how to be healthy. Sometimes we just need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves. Am I really perfect? Probably some who thinks they really are, people who’s so obsessed to themselves.

Some people will judge you with your status in life. Does it really matter if you are rich to others? Even if how rich you are, no one will even care. Even if you treat all of your friends everyday. It’s like buying your love so people will like you. Instead of looking down on people who is less fortunate. Why don’t you just share your blessings and shut your mouth.

People should not judge anyone. You’re not a God. Even one of the most riches people in the world try to help a Charity and even the Royal Families loves to share their blessings to others so ask yourself if you are so judgemental. Does judging people make you happy? Again, no one care about your status.

We should never judge anyone. We should help and support each other and appreciate. We can be a good role model in so many ways.

Hope we can all be happy and change to be a better person.

Have a nice day everyone.

Thanks for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😎😎


2 thoughts on “Discrimination Should Be Stop

  1. Hey! just thought id say thanks for checking out my blogs and dropping me a follow. By the looks of it your blogs are very much my cup of tea! particularly enjoyed this one. Looking firward to seeing more β™‘


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