Give Every Drop Of Energy On Your Workout

Why should you give every drop of your energy when you workout?

• You will regain again all of that once you’ve taken a rest and in exchange, every hard work and effort that you’ve given will be your strength in return.

• The more you put into work, the more result that you will get.

• You are already at the gym so why not maximize your time so you can achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

• Compared when you hangout with your friends and probably drink a couple of booze and drink unhealthy food, the time that you’ve spent there probably not even 1/3 of the time that you’re spending in the gym. Always remember being fit makes you healthy.

There are more advantages why we should give every drop of our energy when we workout. I just shared some of it. Some people think that when they workout and they felt the soreness from their body, they will stop and be afraid to push a little more. Don’t forget this, when you workout, you’re building your muscles so it’s normal that you feel the soreness and make sure you’re doing the right posture and execution.

Enjoy your workout and love what you are doing.

The more you push yourself to your limit, the more energy and power that you’re gaining.

Glad to share a couple of pointers to you guys.

Thanks for reading my blog.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😎😎

Live What You Love & Eat What You Have

Am I the only one who loves to eat Green Food? 😍😍😍 or should I say vegetables. – of course I know a lot of you guys loves to include SALAD when you go to a restaurant.

I’ve been raised by my family to eat vegetables mostly our grandparents. I’ll be very honest with you guys. I don’t love vegetables before but my parents force us to eat it. 😂 You know the feeling when you see the Pork, Beef, Chicken or Sea Food infront of you. Sometimes you will just ignore the vegetables right?

Things changed as I get older. Mostly when I started to be more fit. I realized that we should take care of ourselves more. We should eat right and be healthy. It doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to eat our favorite food but as much as possible if we can avoid unhealthy food we should.

What I can suggest if you really don’t like any vegetables. Try to eat a little bit once in a while. You’ll realize as time goes by, you’re not forcing anymore yourself to eat it and I’m sure you will fell in love with it.

Sometimes if you combine something with your veggies it can really be more fun to eat your meal. Sometimes you can even eat that alone. Some people realize the importance of eating healthy food when they are already old. It’s quite sad when it’s too late…

No need to worry. Probably for you who’s reading my blog now. You can start eating the right food. Vegetables and Fruits is Love. Better start loving it guys. Let’s be more fit and healthy. Life is so good so enjoy every second of it. If you want your life to be longer, start changing your lifestyle to be more healthy. 😍

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time.

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Love Yourself by being Fit

With our busy schedule everyday. It’s a good thing to check our time to maximize our activities but have you ever felt that when you step into the gym doorsteps. It felt that there’s no limit.

It’s the end of the day and you are so stressed from your work or thinking about different things that happened to your day and you’re probably thinking of planning ahead of time but there’s quite a solution to it. Based on my own experienced. Every time that I workout, I felt very good to myself. It releases my happy hormones and I felt fresh and very energized.

Some people would complain that after their workout. They felt soreness and feeling so weak or sleepy but I’m the opposite of it. I’m more of a positive thinker so I appreciate the result and the things that I will gain.

If I know I don’t have any activities besides workout. Once I start my training, I felt that the time freezes and normally if I go to the gym at the evening. I will just be aware of the time when they try to close the gym. I just enjoy every second of it. I feel healthy and strong. I feel good and more confident. You can really feel the love that you’ve given to yourself. Hope you feel the same way to.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time!

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Discrimination Should Be Stop

We are living in the world surrounded by different people with different personalities. One of the most disgusting people nowadays. Is the people who is very judgemental. Did you ask yourself things like…

Am I so perfect?

Do I really have true friends?

Do they really like me as a friend?

Does the status in life really matters?

Did I use what I earned to share to less fortunate people?

A lot of questions right. I just noticed people can really judge you in so many ways. Some of them will judge you by your look and your size. If you have tattoos they will even think that you’re not a good man/woman and people who dress up wearing very formal clothes, leather shoes with a combination of coat and tie would be the good man or the rich person.

Some people will even look at you so bad while looking at your tattoo. What they didn’t know, we look at it as a work of art and most of our tattoos have a deep meaning. You’ll never know the person behind that formal clothes would be terrible. Discriminating by the way you look like was a big No No No.

Some people will even bash you when you are overweight. Some even cursing them that they will die young because of being unhealthy. Instead of bashing people, why can’t we just help them how to be healthy. Sometimes we just need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves. Am I really perfect? Probably some who thinks they really are, people who’s so obsessed to themselves.

Some people will judge you with your status in life. Does it really matter if you are rich to others? Even if how rich you are, no one will even care. Even if you treat all of your friends everyday. It’s like buying your love so people will like you. Instead of looking down on people who is less fortunate. Why don’t you just share your blessings and shut your mouth.

People should not judge anyone. You’re not a God. Even one of the most riches people in the world try to help a Charity and even the Royal Families loves to share their blessings to others so ask yourself if you are so judgemental. Does judging people make you happy? Again, no one care about your status.

We should never judge anyone. We should help and support each other and appreciate. We can be a good role model in so many ways.

Hope we can all be happy and change to be a better person.

Have a nice day everyone.

Thanks for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😎😎

Stop Bullying and Show them what you’ve Got!

Did you ever ask yourself or think about what would you look like after 10 years?

On the picture below you can see me and my best pal Daphfne in the pool having a great time after a couple of beer the other night. By the way, yah you read it right. His name is Daphfne it may sounds like a Girl name but I would say a lot of girls love this guy. 😂😎😂

Anyway, he is the guy that I can say my first gym buddy when I first started my journey to become fit and healthy. His mom was the person who inspires me a lot that everything is possible when you lift the weights and execute your exercise.

At first I was so hesitant that I can have a good built. I’m always thinking how in the world did they ever get that built. It irritates me to wait for the result but trust me for every hard work that you do, for every drop of sweat from your effort, from every lift that you do there will always be a result. Patience is a virtue as what they’ve said.

My best friend is overweight when I first met him during 1st year high school. He cannot move fast since he is overweight. You cannot even see his eyes because his face is so chubby. People always teased him that you are “Big Fat Chinese Boy”. It’s irritating right, lot of people trying to bully him during his 1st year in high school. He’s having a hard time on tying his shoes because of his big belly. He loves to eat different types of food and his mom cook so good. His family treat me like their own son same with my family to him.

As time goes by, we finally choose different journey to be fit. He plays Basketball every morning, sometimes during our break time, and after class. He’s mental focus on being a number 1 fan of the great Michael Jordan inspires him to be good basket ball player. He earned a lot of awards, multiple MVPs on different local leagues in the Philippines and finally he earned the result of losing a lot of weight and now the people who loves to joke around with him deserves a payback. You’ll never know right.

I can say he is one hell of a Collector! He collected thousands of MJ Cards and he have one of the most rarest card of MJ. You can contact me to know more about his collections.

Besides Basketball this guy loves to ride a long drive using his bicycle. He is more of a cardio type of guy.

Sometimes when he wants to getaway from the Big City. You can just see him somewhere doing his fishing hobby.

Everything in life needs patience. If you really want to achieve your goals, you need to be dedicated and prioritize it.

I gained my the built that I want through different workout. I just love going to the gym and as you can see on my other articles. I always post topics about fitness. This guy right here became my Best Man in my upcoming wedding.

Again, always remember guys. You’ll never achieve anything if you will just look at it. Be confident and proud of yourself. Don’t let anyone to bully you because of your built. Love yourself and train yourself for your own self improvement.

Thank you for reading my blog. Happy Friday guys! Till next time!

RL Cross signing off! 😎😎😎

Relationship Goals in the Gym

It’s T.G.I.F. again and probably most of us already have a plan after office or should I say evening relaxation. What we normally do before the weekend?

  • Meet up with friends or colleagues to have a dinner and some chit chats.
  • A fine wine with a medium rare steak or cheese while having a date with your partner.
  • A bucket of beer with your best friend while laughing like theirs no tomorrow.
  • Movie date with your family.
  • Playing your favorite Gaming console until 4AM or 5AM.
  • Just at home while reading social sites until the last news feed then sleep.

There’s a lot of things to do but one thing that I realize that people might not yet taking into consideration. Instead of spending a couple of bucks outside and trying to be drunk until you can’t remember anything. Why don’t you try and ask your partner to go to the gym. Don’t worry I’m guilty of enjoying my Friday night hanging out with my friends and partner but I’m enjoying a different routine lately.

A couple of benefits when you workout with your partner.

  • You’ll be more fit and healthy together.
  • You’re maximizing both of your time.
  • You’re enjoying it while having fun.
  • You have the same hobby that can make your relationship more stronger.
  • You have a new routine that’s not the usual things like eating, hangout, watching movies, etc.
  • It’s rare to have a couple who workout together at the gym which makes both of you feel more special.

Start asking your partner to go to the gym. You’ll never know until you try it.

Thanks for reading my blog. Till next time!

RL Cross signing off! 😎😎😎

Stay Strong and Be Healthy

I remember the time when all I want to do is to have at least a size in the bicep other than that I’m satisfied with it. As time goes by and I’m seeing the result of all the hardwork from my training. Listening to my instructor since High School. Watching videos of body builders, reading magazines about fitness, following inspiring people across the globe and learning through my own experienced. I noticed there’s no limit when you workout.

  • You just want to improve from time to time.
  • You want to see the result on everything that you do.
  • You want to learn more and more.
  • You want to to compete wth yourself.
  • You want to beat your own record.

If there’s a good addiction that people can be addicted. It’s improving yourself by going to the gym to get fit and healthy. I can’t see myself to be absent in the gym for 1 whole week. I felt weak and incomplete.

  • Some people workout just to impress other people.
  • Some people workout so they look good when they dress up.
  • Some people workout to be more confident.
  • Some people workout just for social.

I think the main purpose of our workout is to have a healthy body. We’re not getting any younger. Time flies so fast. As we’re aging, we can really feel something is changing. We might be physically fit but inside we’re not that healthy.

We should try to change our point of view by improving ourselves to have a healthy lifestyle. It’s okay if we cannot achieve the built of a body builder but don’t be to hard on yourself. Be inspired to them and motivate yourself to be like them. You’ll never know unless you try it.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Till next time!!

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