Keep Away from Distractions

Today was indeed a great day for me. Starting the year of 2018. I promised to myself that I will set some check list for my every day routine. I just want to be more organized since I stopped working as a Software Quality Assurance Analyst because I need to go and study Thai language here in Thailand for a year though I’m very open for any opportunity that will arrive while I’m studying.

I have twice a week Thai Class and the rest will be up to me so that’s why I want to set some goals to make myself busy as much as I can. I hate downtime, I want to maximize every second that I have. A couple of friends told me, take it easy but I’m the type of person who loves to do a lot of things.

Since I have a lot of free time. I’ve published 3 different blogs today and I’m currently writing my 4th blog right now before I go to sleep. I just want to share how much I value the time. I went to the gym before dinner. It’s my Back workout today.

  • 6 different exercise
  • 4 sets per exercise
  • 12 reps per set
  • 20 second rest per set
  • Last workout, low weights but drop set

While I’m doing my Seated Cable Row. I just noticed the one in front of me were just using his cellular phone the whole time. Imagine I finished my 4 sets with reps per set and he’s not doing anything. Just browsing his phone while smiling. I do understand the point that probably it’s important or whatever but we should be responsible enough that people might be waiting at your back.

For me, cellular phone is one of the biggest distraction in the gym. Instead of you can maximize your time building your muscles, finishing early and go back home. People are wasting time using their phones that can somehow affect other people’s training. I even saw other guys chatting around 10 to 15mins while sitting in the Bench Press chairs.

C’mon guys, let’s not waste our time and be responsible. It’s not our private home gym. Let’s keep away from distractions and be a role model mostly from people who just started. We don’t want to have a bad impression to others right.

Let’s be more active, dedicated and passionate on what we are doing. Keep it cool and unleash the inner beast when you’re at the gym! Happy workout everyone.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time!

RL cross signing off! 😎😎😎


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