Don’t Skip your Leg Day

When we talk about Leg day. Probably 70% of people who workout try to skip their leg day training because for a couple of reasons or maybe lame excuses. I’m quite guilty for skipping a leg day though I will try to list down a couple of reasons/excuses based on the people I’ve been with and maybe you guys can share as well.

  1. It’s not that visible to the eye mostly when you’re always wearing a pants.
  2. It hurts that sometimes it’s hard to walk stairs and drive a car after your workout.
  3. The soreness took around a couple of days.
  4. Bye bye Skinny Jeans/Rockstar pants.
  5. Would rather workout upper body that’s easier to see the result.

I’m sure there’s a lot more of reasons/excuses just to skip one of the most important part of our body and I’m very guilty of that. I just love to workout my upper body all the time since I have a chicken legs unlike other guys out there who already have a good structure of legs even if they don’t need to even lift a weight. In short, inborn with a good genes.

Before I never skipped my Leg day but last 7 years ago. I was playing Basketball and we’re having a practice for a Championship match when I fell so bad in the ground that both of my knees landed first while I’m having a fast break play. Just imagine you’re running so fast while dribbling the ball then when you’re ready to take off for your layup suddenly someone tried to stop you using their legs. Of course I’m so mad and he say sorry to me but it’s over. I cannot move for a couple of minutes and cannot walk that my friends helped me to go to my car.

I went the next day to have a checkup with a Rehab Doctor and he said I need to finish a lot of session in the Pain & Rehab before I can go back to the gym. I stopped working out at that time for more almost 3 months. I’m just lucky I have a very good therapist and Doctor. Take note I even injured both of my wrists as well.

At that time, I tried to be more careful with my workout. I lessen the weights that I lift for my leg workout. I may have a chicken legs though mostly if you will compare it to my arms but at least. I don’t skip it and still include Leg training in my program.

People should remember that our Legs is very important part of our body. It supports our whole body. Every movement that we do that touches the ground starts with our lower body that is connected to our upper body. Building muscles to our lower body reduces the risk of injury.

Starting today, always remind yourself not to skip your Leg day.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😎😎


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