Sweat and Hard Work


When we talked about sweating, what do we normally think about it? It’s probably a hot weather outside and we don’t want to go out or the place would probably not air-conditioned. It’s kinda irritating right mostly from a humid country here in Asia. It’s some kind of a negative word to hear but not all the type of sweating is negative.

I appreciated every sweat that my body releases. Mostly when I’m at the gym. I don’t like the feeling of being dry and cold. For me, it means I’m doing less effort on my training routine. Every drop of it, I felt that’s the fruit of my labor in short;

  • Every set that I do
  • Every repetition that I pumped
  • Every exercise that I executed
  • Every rest that I count


Everything, I felt like it’s a big accomplishment. It may sounds hard to believe but if your dedicated to your training and you really want to achieve each goals that you’ve written for yourself. You will understand the beauty of it.


Always remember this, every drop of your sweat is equals to every hard work that you do. As what they’ve said “You reap what you sow”.

Keep the fire burning when you workout. Remove the word Laziness from you dictionary.

“Prioritize, focus and be dedicated”

Thank you for reading my blog guys. Till next time!

RL Cross signing off!


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