Let’s Go Back to Old School


I’m sure most of the people nowadays. Spend their time reading online. Mostly when we’re talking about the Millennials. It maybe a big advantage just by searching everything you want to know through online and I have to admit. I’m also guilty of that but what I just noticed, when we’re reading using our Smart Phones, Laptop, Tablets or any gadgets that has a connection from internet there will always be a distraction.

Some of us would probably received a couple of different notifications from our SMS, Business emails, Personal emails, Line Messenger, Viber, Social sites, etc. Isn’t it such a distraction mostly when we’re on a tight deadline from our work, homework from our school, thinking about new ideas from our business, etc. I know we can turn off all the notifications but what I’m trying to share about this topic. We can start going back from the old days. Why don’t we visit again a Library, the old traditional way when the technology is not yet born. When the time that there’s no internet that you can just search and find the answer. When there’s no smartphones that you can communicate and ask for someone. I just felt it’s still important up to now.

  • It’s very silent and relaxing.
  • It has all the things that you needed.
  • It’s the most reliable source.
  • You cannot search everything in the internet.

I think it’s time for us to appreciate again the traditional way of learning new things. It’s better as well if we will buy books, magazines and newspapers. We’re not only patronizing the hardwork of the writers but we’re also helping them to earn money from their wonderful crafts.

Up to now, I still buy Fitness magazines, Computer Books and even Fictional Story books.

It’s time for a change to make our world a better place.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time!

RL Cross signing off!


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