Don’t forget about your Back Workout

What’s your favorite body part. Most of the guys out there would love to have a ripped abs which looks good while you’re in the beach chillin’ and drinking a couple of booze. Wide shoulder blade that makes us more masculine and looks good to the clothes that we wear. Big Arms for our muscle shirts and sleeveless attire. Sculpted legs when we just want to wear a shorts with a combination of top-sider, boat shoes or flip flops.

I just noticed some of the guys out there, doesn’t care about their back workout which is definitely wrong. Probably it’s because of the reasons/excuses.

1. We wanted to have a good body structure which is eye catching. It’s just a back and no one even cares about it.

2. When we workout we look in the mirror a couple of times and we wanted to see the result. What we always see is the front or side area of our body not our back.

3. It’s quite hard to build the perfect V-shaped.

4. We would rather spend time building our Chest and Arms since both body parts were very visible to the eyes.

5. or we just think, it’s not really worth for our time to build it.

The top 5 reasons/excuses I’ve mentioned above. I just based it from what I’ve heard from the people around the gym who’s probably not yet at the point of having a balance body structure. Some of it, I heard directly from my own friends and colleagues.

A weak back can cause a shoulder pain and neck problem and lower back soreness but if you include the Back workout in your routine at least once a week. You can have a strong back core. You can also achieve the goal of having the V-shaped.

Strengthening your Back gives a full support to your whole body. It gives more flexibility mostly when you play sports or doing a lot of hardcore activities. Improve your performance on every movement that you do.

I love working out my back a lot. We don’t need to be a pro-athlete to achieve it. Always remember it’s not only for us to look good and feel better but the main goal should be for our health.

Try reading more about back workout. Next time, I will share my back workout to you guys. Have a great weekend.

RL Cross signing off. God bless everyone. 😎😎😎


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