Vietnomnom in Maginhawa is the new Love!

Hey guys! Just want to share the latest Vietnamese restaurant that opened last year in Quezon City. It is located at 1E Ground Floor, 189 Maginhawa St. You can also search it using Waze in case you’re having a hard time looking for it. They have a couple of parking slot for their customers so don’t worry. It opens at 12:00PM up to 9:00PM. It’s time for us to try another Vietnamese restaurant that offers the authentic taste of Vietnamese food.



When you come inside the restaurant. You can see a very beautiful hand-made painting from their wall and tables so for the people who loves taking photo. This is the place to be. Time to start taking photos while waiting for the order.



If you’re asking about the price. It’s very affordable and they served big plates. If you will compare this to other Vietnamese restaurant. I will be very honest. It’s quite cheaper so better visit them now. It’s worth the price.



You guys can also order their Ice Coffee while waiting for your food and having a chit chat with your family or friends, this is a MUST TRY for Coffee Lovers out there!



For a Sandwich Lover, try one of Vietnomnom’s Crispy sandwich of baguette filled with grilled pork, fresh veggies and homemade pate. Just imagine all that ingredients packed in one sandwich all together! It’s so tasty and very healthy.


I suggest you guys combine your sandwich with their Beef Pho. A bowl of aromatic 12-hour beef broth and 5 different spices served with rice noodles, tender beef brisket and a bouquet of fresh basil, bean sprouts, lime and chillies. I just can’t get enough of the taste of it.



My Forever favorite Spring Rolls! You can also order to them Shrimp Spring Rolls so it depends upon your preference but normally, I will order both of them or I will take out and eat them at home.



My Girlfriend’s favorite dish of Vietnomnom “Fish Fillet”. Every time we visited this place. She will never ever forget to order this rice meal with veggies, herbs and dressing. As you can see how excited she was on this photo.


“Delicious Food + Good Service = Happy Customers”


“Our very own Vice Governor of Quezon Province at Vietnomnom”

I probably visited Vietnomnom more than 10 times and if I can dine in with them twice a week I will do. In short, Vietnomnom is LOVE!
Thank you for reading my blog. Don’t forget to visit them and I’m sure once you’ve tried it. It will be one of your favorite restaurant to visit over and over again.

You can also check their facebook page by searching for Vietnomnom. Don’t forget to LIKE their page so you can get an update.

Till next time. RL Cross signing off!


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