The Amazing Rockwell Club


Let’s talk about the wonderful Rockwell Club Amorsolo Square. Which is located at Rockwell area just right beside the Powerplant Mall. My family has been a member of this beautiful club. I can say that this is the most relaxing and peaceful club.  A multiple water park swimming pools with a view of the beautiful high rise buildings and a cool breeze.



You can also use their courts for sports like tennis, basketball, badminton, and squash. Walk around with your kids in their tropical landscaped garden.  The club also offers a couple of different class that you can register and attend to but it will depend on the month.


Rockwell Club Basketball Court 


A wide and very neat dance studio. Function rooms for your events, and a gift shop were you can buy a couple of things that you needed while you are working. Aside from its state-of-the-art amenities, The Rockwell Club also has a roster of restaurants that include Chef Jessie, Rocky’s Café & Bar, and Juice Bar.


Chillin’ at Rocky’s Cafe & Bar for our Victory Party Celebration


A very beautiful and high-technology fitness equipment all over the gym. The club ensures cleanliness and well organized equipment for their customers. A combination of blue and yellow lights that makes your workout more relaxing and fun.



A square and rectangular shape glass windows with a clear view of the swimming pool underneath. As you can see cute lil kids trying to play and swim around from the glass window and waving their hands just to greet the people inside the gym. Super cool isn’t it! 🙂



The whole weight-lifting area has a mirror which you can see if your form and posture is correct. The temperature of the room is balanced. You will not feel warm and you will not feel too cold. It’s very great to execute your exercise everywhere since it’s very organized. Every people inside the Rockwell club were so nice and approachable.



The Sauna area is one of my favorite spot in the Rockwell Club. The ambiance inside was very calm and the sound of the water just makes it so perfect. Some kind of a Greek design of the whole area. If you’re so stress at your life. This is the place to be.



If you live in Makati, Philippines and you want to check out some Club Membership. Better put this club into your list. It’s very worth it.

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Till next time. RL Cross signing off.




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