The Beauty of being Fit

Does anyone here been bothered of your size, shape or should I say the right built for yourself. It’s been half of my life that I’m trying to workout and enjoyed every second of it. I’m 31 years old right now and I started working out at an age of 14 years old.

What type of workout do I do at that age. I started lifting weights and trying to copy what bodybuilders do at the gym and then I realized that I’m not doing it the right way.

I’m doing a lot of cardio training since I’m a Track and Field athlete at my school before. I’m so adventurous that almost all the type of sports I want to join but at the end. I started to appreciate the beauty of fitness.

I’ve been so addicted to it that I have this motto “You don’t deserve to eat, if you don’t workout”. Well that doesn’t neccessarily means that I don’t eat if I missed out my training routine. Of course you need to eat the right food for you to grow and for your muscle recovery. I just don’t like the idea of other people who just eat and eat and eat without any workout. They are not only abusing themselves from being unhealthy but they are also depriving themselves from being confident.

We changed our goals as we grow old. We changed our routine and target. Like for me during Summer, I love being slim and ripped but I would have to admit at the end of the year. I’m more buff since I need to attend a lot of events and time for a rest from being lean so at least I don’t deprived myself.

I don’t bash people about their shape and form. I’m just basing the fact that we should start being healthy and fit. It’s not too late. We should take care of ourselves.

Always remember practicing the routine of having a healthy lifestyle is better than practicing yourself from being lazy and just lying down at your bed while eating unhealthy food.

Life is so short for us to put it to waste. When we’re fit. It will not only boost our confidence but it also enhance our mental, social and emotional health.

Love yourself and start being fit.

Again, it’s not too late.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time! šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜€


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