The Life of an Expat

First of all, what is an expat? – A person temporarily or permanently residing in another country. They are the people who is working in companies outside of their home country.

I just want to share how hard to live as an expat that people might be thinking, we’re just enjoying around and having fun living outside our motherland.




Leaving your country just for work is not that easy. It took a lot of sacrifices to make. Imagine arriving in a country without knowing anyone. It’s like everything in life has to offer has been taken away from you but it takes a lot of courage and faith on making a decision that will make your life so different. I know we have a family or friends that you can call anytime by using different types of social media but do you think that’s enough? – Definitely not.

During the hardest part of crisis in our lives, whether it is family problem, work problem, financial problem, emotional problem, or any type of problems. We really need a FRIEND who can be a shoulder to cry on.

Friends are not something just to be with you when you are having fun. One of the most important thing about having a close friends. “They will be there for you when everything seems to be so down”.

Now, can you imagine how hard it is? this is just a few.



Every country has its own unique personalities, beliefs, material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. If living in your own country sometimes there’s a weird feeling that why are we doing this and that, why do we need to follow this and that. Sometimes a lot of things keeps popping out from our mind but at the end. Let’s appreciate the beauty of each countries culture. You will know it once you’ve tried to stay outside your country. It maybe hard sometimes since it’s very different from your Motherland but it’s so wonderful to learn it one at a time.



From the time that we’re born until the day we decided to step up and open a new chapter. Everything seems so relax and chill. We know where to go if we want to go shopping. We know where to go if we want to chill and hangout. Beautiful places to visit and take a break from a very busy city. All the churches that we wanted to visit during Sunday or times that we needed him the most, we can easily find. Place where we can stay and walk with our lovely family. In short, we are so familiar that we are so comfortable to stay within our country. Life needs a big adjustment when you fly and say goodbye for a while to your Motherland.



The hardest part of being an expat is to leave your family. It maybe hard already leaving your friends but always remember, being a good person can easily gain new set of friends. Family is the one whose there for us since the time we open our eyes. The time that we started to crawl and walk. Started to speak and study. Someone who knows us very well more than anyone in this world. Someone who can understand us even if we do something that’s really bad. Someone who will love you unconditionally. Someone who will be there for you when everyone turn their back against you. Our parents and siblings will always be the core of our life. While we are faraway from them, as we grow old, they also grow old. Mostly our parents, of course we wanted to see them and take care of them.

Why I am writing this blog. I just want to share a real life experienced. The truth and the reality. If you know an expat show them some kindness and more love. As you can see the sacrifices that they made.

It’s not about if you are a man or a woman here. Sadness doesn’t define the Gender.

Spread LOVE and BLESSINGS. Life is so short to waste it to something that’s not important.

Thank you for reading my blog. Time to step out here. Till next time! God bless.


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