Thai Wake Park Escapade!

I came from Philippines and visited Thailand for a couple of times already. I’m wondering if there’s a place near Bangkok where I can do my watersports activities. I love exciting activities since I’m a very adventurous type of guy and so I asked one of my closest friend Mr. Ki. He told me that there’s a Wake Park that’s very near in Bangkok.

After a couple of days planning our trip. We decided to visit the Thai Wake Park located in Lumlukka Klong 6. It’s around 2 hours from Bangkok if you’re going to drive via car. Pretty much excited as you can see on our road trip! lol



Finally, we arrived at Thai Wake Park and the weather was so nice!



Time to take a lil bit of rest for Kimchi. A very simple room but definitely the view from outside was so beautiful and eye catching. You can see the wakeboarders sliding in the mix rail connecting to flat bar. Flying through the snowboard ramp. Creating different tricks using their boards. It’s amazing and very worth it.



Preparing to rock the place with my big pal Mr. Ki. This guy is one hell of a wakeboarder. He may not be a pro but definitely he have the set of skills to play different tricks out there.



While we’re in the Playground. Our beautiful partners were chillin’ watching us. They served a very delicious food and you can order your favorite alcoholic drinks.




TWP Lumlukka offers you a very laid back vibe and definitely a sweet escape from the hectic city of Thailand.



I’m so glad that I met one of the best Thai wakeboarder here in Thailand. She competed a couple of times and won dozens of awards. If you want to see her skills. Better check her out in the Thai Wake Park.



One of the best way to end our day! Cheers everyone!


Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time!

Have a great day and don’t forget to visit this beautiful place.


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