The Moffatts Farewell concert turns out to be a comeback!

After a year since the most awaited reunion concert of The Moffatts last February 2017 at Smart Araneta Coliseum. I never thought that this is even possible, can you even imagine a band that has been disbanded for almost 20 years to get back together for a farewell concert. I can still remember I even messaged last 2016 Uncle Frank Moffatt AKA Daddy Frank if there’s a possibility that The Moffatts can play again as a band together. He replied to me in his personal facebook accont that if people really wanted them to get back together. We can start sharing message to our friends and our social account about The Moffatts. I even email him the list of friends that’s willing to watch if ever they will have a concert in Philippines.

The Moffatts has been a big influenced to me and my brother ever since. Even my closest friends love them. Normal fan probably would have known them just by playing their super popular POP genre hits but the truth is, they’ve been one hell of a rock & roll group of siblings. They can play any type of genre. One of our favorite hits that they play during their concerts was “Shine” by Collective Soul. They played it with passion and style. A powerful and unique voice of Dave Moffatt while playing his keyboard. A very stylish and good combination of tapping and plucking over his rock & roll bass guitar. The way Bob Moffatt drum beats synchronized with The Moffatts sound makes it more fun to listen to their songs. It’s also cool to see him singing after they disbanded. To one of the best guitarist Scott Moffatt, he really resembles with Kurt Cobain mostly his teenage life. Scott became our inspiration that anything is possible to learn in music. We’ve been more motivated to learn how to play Guitar because of him. It’s amazing how we tried to copy every note and style that he do.

Finally the time has come and our wished for a Reunion has been granted! I’m so lucky that I saw them in the Eastwood during their Wish 107.5 event. Imagine after almost 20 years! I saw them in person. It’s like seeing Axl Rose and Slash playing together again as a Guns N’ Roses.


At first, it felt weird seeing the three siblings playing their popular hits without Dave Moffatt. It’s kind of sad because it felt that their’s something missing while they playing it but with their more improved vocals, they definitely nailed it! It’s cool seeing their partners with them during their reunion in Philippines. What more you can ask for right.

When they started selling their tickets online. At first, I don’t want to believe that they are really coming back and I’ve tried to refresh my browser to make sure this is real, and YES! it’s definitely real! I’ve bought two tickets for me and my girlfriend as a gift for her since she’s also an avid fan of The Moffatts. She’s a Thai and she told me that The Moffatts is also popular in Thailand. It’s amazing isn’t it!



We got VVIP tickets and I decided to bring my lovely guitar so they can sign it. Things got a little bit of messed because they said we can’t bring anything to be signed except for our free posters but it didn’t stopped me to bring it. Who knows this might be the last concert of them so I might as well, bring it and just leave it outside if they didn’t allow me.

During their rehearsal, I managed to bring my guitar inside and I’m just hoping if they can sign it for me but there’s no time anymore left before they start the concert. I’m so lucky that I saw Uncle Frank and he signed it for me. Well there’s no Scott, Bob, Clint and Dave if Daddy Frank is not there. I’m still one lucky guy!

IMG_0201 (1)


Sorry Dave Moffatt, I’m the latest 4th member of The Moffatts! haha



The Moffatts with my Girlfriend. I’m sure this is one of the best gift for Valentines day.



If there’s a super avid fan of The Moffatts award I will hand it to the twin sisters. They watched almost all the concerts of The Moffatts, collected different photos, posters, etc. They have their own album together with The Moffatts including autograph.


I have a couple of videos in my Youtube Channel if you guys want to see their concert and rehearsals. You can visit at

After their PH concert, they continued their Farewell Tour and I’ve heard that one of their member was not feeling well. I’m not sure who is that, but they still continue to finish their tour. As you can see, The Moffatts really loved their fans. They are willing to sacrifice their health just to entertain us and just to make our dreams come true.


And After a month, they’ve decided to come back again to have a mini concert at Club Punta Fuego. This time, I would definitely have my Guitar to have it signed by all of them!



While waiting for the Mini concert. We tried to jam their latest cover song “When You Say Nothing at All”. No practice, just trying to video it for a remembrance. In short, just chillin’ and having fun.


The Moffatts at Punta Fuego singing their popular hit “I’ll be there for you”.


The best concert that I watched. I felt that The Moffatts really loved their fans. No doubt you guys have a sold out concert in Philippines.



Last but not the least, I’m glad to see you Dave Moffatt and congrats to your solo concert. Thank you to my friend who invited me to Dave’s after party. You guys rock the house!



To The Moffatts,

You guys were such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you so much for getting back together again. We wish you more blessings to your career and personal life. Thank you for touching our lives with your music. You definitely deserved the SOLD OUT concert during your Farewell Tour. God bless and see ya all soon!



By the way, I heard that they will release a new Album this year. I’m sure it will earn a multi-platinum or even more. Guys don’t forget to download their new single “Secrets” in Itunes and Spotify.

Thank you for reading my blog! Till next time!

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