Easy Exit from the Busy Life

Everyday seems like a very busy day.

  • Busy being an employee.
  • Busy with your own company business.
  • Busy with your family, partner or even friends.
  • Busy with your Sports activities.
  • Busy with your night life after a stressful day from work.
  • Busy preparing food for your family.
  • Busy taking care of your lovely son/daughter.
  • Busy taking care of your cute lil puppies.
  • Busy thinking about what’s your next plan after the end of the day.
  • Busy with household responsibilities.
  • Busy reading current events, novels, fiction, etc.
  • Busy with all your social accounts that you wanted to read until the last news feed.

Actually there are more things that we’re doing every day. I just mentioned a couple of things based on what I saw in this generation. Sometimes it’s hard to face the fact how busy we are. Mostly when we’re a working in a corporate world.

Have you ever felt that you need to take an exit to your busy life?

I found a way on how to deal with it. I go to the gym and relax. I try to clear my mind and focus. I tried to release all the stress to be more refresh by lifting weights and cardio exercise. Every drop of sweat in my body releases every stress in life that I’m going through. It makes me more energetic and happy. It maybe a physical activities but it can also be a cure to your mental and emotional stress.

What I love the most is chillin’ at the Jacuzzi. One of the best relaxation treatment. It reduces the pain from your body that helps you recover faster. It can also improved your insomnia. Lastly, it’s very peaceful and calm.

You guys can try my solution. It will not only help you from your stressful life but it can also help you to be healthy and fit.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😎😎

The Power of Writing

Did you ask yourself why are you writing?

Why do you want to share something?

What might people react from your blog?

Where’s the pieces of the puzzle that pops-out to your mind?

Who motivates and inspires you?

A lot of questions and maybe thousands of it. Different people would have different ideas, concept and creativity.

I started writing when I arrived here in Bangkok. I just noticed after a couple of weeks of my stay here. I have a lot of free time which is very opposite of what I’m doing in Philippines. I’m so busy when I’m there that I’m even questioning myself. Why do we only have 24 hours in 1 day?

I’ve been busy being a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst. Worked everyday for at least 8 hours and probably more than if ever we have a deployment on our project. Driving for about 2 hours a day because of the heavy traffic jam. Cooking our meal, organizing and cleaning the home. At least 1 to 2 hours of workout. Sometimes try to watch a movie or play PS4. Sometimes playing my guitar or singing. If you come to think of it. You would probably agree to me, why I’m questioning about the 24 hours per day. I’ve been like that since I’m young. I want to maximize every second of the day. I want to organize things and my time. I just love to do a lot of things.

And so I finally decided to go to Thailand and start a new chapter of my life. A lot of things change and some of my expectations didn’t happen. For a couple of weeks. I’ve been lost and I cannot find my old identity and it’s very difficult for me to feel like that way. Of course you want it to be back and see again your real identity. I started to pick -up every pieces of the puzzle by trying to maximize my time. I enrolled in the gym which is like a 2nd home for me. I started studying Thai language twice a week. I tried to do as much as I can for my special day and that’s the time I decided to create my own website and share something special to the people who wants to follow me.

I realized that I love writing and reading. I always want to influence people to have a positive attitude and keep away from being negative. I know and I admit I’m not a perfect person but I’m sure to myself that I’ve been raised by my parents to appreciate everything that you have rather than what you don’t have. Some people want to tear you down and that’s a challenge for all of us. It’s either we get affected and carried away or we show them love even when it felt it’s so unfair.

Life can really be unfair and you might felt bad about it. Depress and be frustrated but always remember that everything happens for a reason. Some things might not be beyond our expectations but don’t be bother about it. Only negative people focus on negative things rather than appreciating it. They will never ever be happy with their life because they don’t see the positive things from everything they do, they see, they have. They always find a way to look onto something which they don’t have and that’s why they will never have a piece of mind and will always be irritated and sad.

If you feel you are one of them. It’s time for a change. I appreciate how my parents raised us for being so positive even if we encountered the worst thing that life has to offer. That is where you can practice yourself for having a positive attitude. Before I don’t believe that everything can be so positive because I tried to be more realistic but my Mom was right. Everything is possible just believe and have faith to God. Life can be so hard but always remember nothing is impossible.

Now I used the power of writing to influence people and share things to uplift my followers. Writing can be so powerful that can change a lot of things and I hope that we can all do that. Mostly for people who loves to write.

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas because you might be one of the people that can change the world to be a better place.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time!

RL Cross signing off! 😊😊😊

The Appreciation of Life

Never doubt yourself instead Love yourself.

Never regret instead move forward.

Never disrespect anyone instead show sincerity.

Never be self-centered instead learn how to share.

Never judge people based on their social status instead be humble.

Never be boastful instead be modest.

Don’t be a negative thinker instead be a positive thinker.

Be thankful to what you have instead of looking for what other people have.

Never ever live your life to please anyone instead be yourself.

There will always be that someone that can accept you for who you are and will respect you the way you deserve.

Live your life to the fullest with a good purpose.

Swallow your pride and enjoy every second of it.

Happy thursday everyone. God speed

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time!

RL Cross signing off! 😎😎😎

Don’t Skip your Leg Day

When we talk about Leg day. Probably 70% of people who workout try to skip their leg day training because for a couple of reasons or maybe lame excuses. I’m quite guilty for skipping a leg day though I will try to list down a couple of reasons/excuses based on the people I’ve been with and maybe you guys can share as well.

  1. It’s not that visible to the eye mostly when you’re always wearing a pants.
  2. It hurts that sometimes it’s hard to walk stairs and drive a car after your workout.
  3. The soreness took around a couple of days.
  4. Bye bye Skinny Jeans/Rockstar pants.
  5. Would rather workout upper body that’s easier to see the result.

I’m sure there’s a lot more of reasons/excuses just to skip one of the most important part of our body and I’m very guilty of that. I just love to workout my upper body all the time since I have a chicken legs unlike other guys out there who already have a good structure of legs even if they don’t need to even lift a weight. In short, inborn with a good genes.

Before I never skipped my Leg day but last 7 years ago. I was playing Basketball and we’re having a practice for a Championship match when I fell so bad in the ground that both of my knees landed first while I’m having a fast break play. Just imagine you’re running so fast while dribbling the ball then when you’re ready to take off for your layup suddenly someone tried to stop you using their legs. Of course I’m so mad and he say sorry to me but it’s over. I cannot move for a couple of minutes and cannot walk that my friends helped me to go to my car.

I went the next day to have a checkup with a Rehab Doctor and he said I need to finish a lot of session in the Pain & Rehab before I can go back to the gym. I stopped working out at that time for more almost 3 months. I’m just lucky I have a very good therapist and Doctor. Take note I even injured both of my wrists as well.

At that time, I tried to be more careful with my workout. I lessen the weights that I lift for my leg workout. I may have a chicken legs though mostly if you will compare it to my arms but at least. I don’t skip it and still include Leg training in my program.

People should remember that our Legs is very important part of our body. It supports our whole body. Every movement that we do that touches the ground starts with our lower body that is connected to our upper body. Building muscles to our lower body reduces the risk of injury.

Starting today, always remind yourself not to skip your Leg day.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time.

RL Cross signing off! 😎😎😎

Keep Away from Distractions

Today was indeed a great day for me. Starting the year of 2018. I promised to myself that I will set some check list for my every day routine. I just want to be more organized since I stopped working as a Software Quality Assurance Analyst because I need to go and study Thai language here in Thailand for a year though I’m very open for any opportunity that will arrive while I’m studying.

I have twice a week Thai Class and the rest will be up to me so that’s why I want to set some goals to make myself busy as much as I can. I hate downtime, I want to maximize every second that I have. A couple of friends told me, take it easy but I’m the type of person who loves to do a lot of things.

Since I have a lot of free time. I’ve published 3 different blogs today and I’m currently writing my 4th blog right now before I go to sleep. I just want to share how much I value the time. I went to the gym before dinner. It’s my Back workout today.

  • 6 different exercise
  • 4 sets per exercise
  • 12 reps per set
  • 20 second rest per set
  • Last workout, low weights but drop set

While I’m doing my Seated Cable Row. I just noticed the one in front of me were just using his cellular phone the whole time. Imagine I finished my 4 sets with reps per set and he’s not doing anything. Just browsing his phone while smiling. I do understand the point that probably it’s important or whatever but we should be responsible enough that people might be waiting at your back.

For me, cellular phone is one of the biggest distraction in the gym. Instead of you can maximize your time building your muscles, finishing early and go back home. People are wasting time using their phones that can somehow affect other people’s training. I even saw other guys chatting around 10 to 15mins while sitting in the Bench Press chairs.

C’mon guys, let’s not waste our time and be responsible. It’s not our private home gym. Let’s keep away from distractions and be a role model mostly from people who just started. We don’t want to have a bad impression to others right.

Let’s be more active, dedicated and passionate on what we are doing. Keep it cool and unleash the inner beast when you’re at the gym! Happy workout everyone.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time!

RL cross signing off! 😎😎😎

Vietnomnom’s 2018 New Dishes

Hey guys, in case you haven’t seen yet, the new Vietnamese restaurant in Quezon City. We’re already open since last year and I have some good news for all of you. We have new dishes to serve for our lovely customers. Of course, we wanted more set of food to offer and it’s now available. What are we waiting for right! Visit us now! Bring your family, friends or colleagues. It will be a best treat for your hungry tummy.

It is located at 1E Ground Floor, 189 Maginhawa St. You can also search it using Waze in case you’re having a hard time looking for it. They have a couple of parking slot for their customers so don’t worry. It opens at 12:00PM up to 9:00PM.

It’s time for us to try another Vietnamese restaurant that offers the authentic taste of Vietnamese food.

You can also check their facebook page by searching for Vietnomnom. Don’t forget to LIKE their page so you can get an update.

Thank you for reading my blog. Don’t forget to visit them and I’m sure once you’ve tried it. It will be one of your favorite restaurant to visit over and over again.

Till next time. RL Cross signing off!

Let’s Go Back to Old School


I’m sure most of the people nowadays. Spend their time reading online. Mostly when we’re talking about the Millennials. It maybe a big advantage just by searching everything you want to know through online and I have to admit. I’m also guilty of that but what I just noticed, when we’re reading using our Smart Phones, Laptop, Tablets or any gadgets that has a connection from internet there will always be a distraction.

Some of us would probably received a couple of different notifications from our SMS, Business emails, Personal emails, Line Messenger, Viber, Social sites, etc. Isn’t it such a distraction mostly when we’re on a tight deadline from our work, homework from our school, thinking about new ideas from our business, etc. I know we can turn off all the notifications but what I’m trying to share about this topic. We can start going back from the old days. Why don’t we visit again a Library, the old traditional way when the technology is not yet born. When the time that there’s no internet that you can just search and find the answer. When there’s no smartphones that you can communicate and ask for someone. I just felt it’s still important up to now.

  • It’s very silent and relaxing.
  • It has all the things that you needed.
  • It’s the most reliable source.
  • You cannot search everything in the internet.

I think it’s time for us to appreciate again the traditional way of learning new things. It’s better as well if we will buy books, magazines and newspapers. We’re not only patronizing the hardwork of the writers but we’re also helping them to earn money from their wonderful crafts.

Up to now, I still buy Fitness magazines, Computer Books and even Fictional Story books.

It’s time for a change to make our world a better place.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time!

RL Cross signing off!

Sweat and Hard Work


When we talked about sweating, what do we normally think about it? It’s probably a hot weather outside and we don’t want to go out or the place would probably not air-conditioned. It’s kinda irritating right mostly from a humid country here in Asia. It’s some kind of a negative word to hear but not all the type of sweating is negative.

I appreciated every sweat that my body releases. Mostly when I’m at the gym. I don’t like the feeling of being dry and cold. For me, it means I’m doing less effort on my training routine. Every drop of it, I felt that’s the fruit of my labor in short;

  • Every set that I do
  • Every repetition that I pumped
  • Every exercise that I executed
  • Every rest that I count


Everything, I felt like it’s a big accomplishment. It may sounds hard to believe but if your dedicated to your training and you really want to achieve each goals that you’ve written for yourself. You will understand the beauty of it.


Always remember this, every drop of your sweat is equals to every hard work that you do. As what they’ve said “You reap what you sow”.

Keep the fire burning when you workout. Remove the word Laziness from you dictionary.

“Prioritize, focus and be dedicated”

Thank you for reading my blog guys. Till next time!

RL Cross signing off!

Don’t forget about your Back Workout

What’s your favorite body part. Most of the guys out there would love to have a ripped abs which looks good while you’re in the beach chillin’ and drinking a couple of booze. Wide shoulder blade that makes us more masculine and looks good to the clothes that we wear. Big Arms for our muscle shirts and sleeveless attire. Sculpted legs when we just want to wear a shorts with a combination of top-sider, boat shoes or flip flops.

I just noticed some of the guys out there, doesn’t care about their back workout which is definitely wrong. Probably it’s because of the reasons/excuses.

1. We wanted to have a good body structure which is eye catching. It’s just a back and no one even cares about it.

2. When we workout we look in the mirror a couple of times and we wanted to see the result. What we always see is the front or side area of our body not our back.

3. It’s quite hard to build the perfect V-shaped.

4. We would rather spend time building our Chest and Arms since both body parts were very visible to the eyes.

5. or we just think, it’s not really worth for our time to build it.

The top 5 reasons/excuses I’ve mentioned above. I just based it from what I’ve heard from the people around the gym who’s probably not yet at the point of having a balance body structure. Some of it, I heard directly from my own friends and colleagues.

A weak back can cause a shoulder pain and neck problem and lower back soreness but if you include the Back workout in your routine at least once a week. You can have a strong back core. You can also achieve the goal of having the V-shaped.

Strengthening your Back gives a full support to your whole body. It gives more flexibility mostly when you play sports or doing a lot of hardcore activities. Improve your performance on every movement that you do.

I love working out my back a lot. We don’t need to be a pro-athlete to achieve it. Always remember it’s not only for us to look good and feel better but the main goal should be for our health.

Try reading more about back workout. Next time, I will share my back workout to you guys. Have a great weekend.

RL Cross signing off. God bless everyone. 😎😎😎

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