My New Playground in Thailand

A couple of weeks ago. I arrived in Thailand “The Land of Smiles” to study Thai Language. I came from Philippines and I lived there for 31 years. Now, I’m planning to stay here in Bangkok and one of the first thing that I’m concerned of, is where can I workout?

I’m the type of person who cannot live my life without a gym or any fitness equipment at home. I’ve been working out since 15 years old which is half of my life. I’ve been so dedicated to workout though I’ve to admit that sometimes mostly at the end of the year. It’s kinda lazy month because there’s a lot of invites from different friends, relatives and colleagues to hangout since we normally celebrate the Christmas the whole month of December in Philippines.

I’m lucky to have my girlfriend Kimchi that she enrolled me right away in the Gym near to our home. At first, I’m thinking what it looks like since every time I visited Thailand for the last 2 years. I never go to the gym, I just buy a couple of equipment and do a hundreds of push-up. 10 sets with 20 to 25 reps per set and 20 seconds of rest. At least, I can maintain the tightness of the muscle and do some good stretching to make my day complete.

Now,Β  you might ask me. What is the name of the Gym. I’m proud to say that I enrolled for 1 year in SC Fitness or most of the people called it Sports City. It’s quite a cool gym and they have different types of membership. If you get the Diamond membership. You have full access everywhere including the hardcore area where you need to swipe your membership ID card just to enter the area.



Trying to take a rest in the Boxing area after a couple of supersets. You can also enjoy boxing for free if you get the Diamond membership.



If you love doing cardio, I’m sure you will enjoy at this area. There’s also a big area for cardio in the 1st floor since this is the 2nd floor of the gym.



Checking in the mirror for improvement and what to do next.



One of my favorite area inside the gym. I can do different type of excercise at this spot. I’m sure you know what I’m sayin’



20 second rest before my next set. 😎



Nice area isn’ it? I will show you more photos and review next time. The Sports City is so big that all the things you needed for your healthy lifestyle can be seen here. Including Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Badminton Court, Tennis Court, etc.

If I were you start enrolling now. Have a nice day.

Till next time. 😎


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