Most Memorable Moment at the Gym

I started to go to the gym at the age of 15 years old if I’m not mistaken. I saw my best friend’s Mom lifting heavy dumbbells and doing some leg exercise at around 300lbs and above. I’m very shocked on what a Super Mom can do at her age and she told us to visit a gym and do our workout.  She’s quite impressive and such an amazing woman.

I tried to follow what my best friend’s Mom advised us and I started my 1st workout. A gym just walking distance from my home. I’m very excited and I told myself, I will lift heavy weights and I will be like Triple H someday. I arrived at the entrance of the gym and I saw a couple of body builders lifting heavy weights and I’m so thin at that time that even a 40lbs Bench Press I cannot even balance.

I felt bad at that time because it seems that I’m the weakest guy in the gym and what’s more embarrassing that happened to me. I tried to add more weight to my Bench Press because I want to show them that I can also lift! and so this epic thing happened…

Since even a 40lbs I cannot balance and I add plus 10lbs to it. I forgot to lock the plates from the barbell and my arms were shaking so fast so the plates fell to the ground and broke the tiles. Everyone from the gym were looking at me and I felt body building is not for me. I’m so depressed at that time and went home. It took me a month before I can get over it and I told myself, I will go back to that gym after a year when I already have improvement in my built.

I thought I will never get back to the gym again because of the embarrassment that I get but that didn’t stop me to achieve my goals! It inspires me more to workout and never ever say I give up!

I advised to young people and mostly to the guys who wants to start from the scratch. Instead of being insecure to what others look like. Be inspired to the Body Builders, Power Lifters, Yoga Instructor, Crossfit Trainer, etc that you can see on the gym as your motivation and tell yourself. Time will come, I will be one of them. “Nothing is impossible, if you really wanted it”.


Early 2003 photo at the resort in Quezon Province, Philippines.



Year 2009 when I joined Mr. & Ms. Cardinal and I won  Mr. Popular award at this event.


FB_IMG_1512362229389.jpgYear 2015 at Boracay Beach, Philippines



Year 2017, I’m proud on what I’ve gained and always remember “Never ever, Give up!”.