Healthy Family is equals to a Happy Family

When I’m in college, the only goal that I wanted is to be fit. I always think about preparation during Summer because I love to go to the Beach a lot and water sports activities. I’m always proud and confident with my body. I may not be that 6 pack abs guy with a super ripped built but I’m always happy with my body. As what they’ve said the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



As I grow old, I just noticed that the main goal of my fitness is not about having a perfect body but having a very healthy body. It’s hard for a person like me to maintain such a nice built since I worked for 8 hours and my transportation in Philippines with a heavy traffic took me for an hour or even more. I’ve tried to do a lot of things like playing music, bonding with my family and friends so it needs to have a full dedication and discipline. When I saw my parents were getting old and saw a couple of family friends that passed away at an early age. My goals in fitness changed and I’ve tried to convinced my whole family to start working out so they can have a healthy body.

I’m so glad that I managed to convinced my Dad to start working out. For a couple of decades being a successful businessman. He and my Mom managed to gave the things that we wanted from cars, a very nice home and to even study in the top schools in the Philippines namely De La Salle University, Mapua University and Assumption college so what more can you ask for. I’m happy that he is enjoying his life now. Going to different countries for a vacation and he really deserved to have that kind of life. In return, I’ve prepared and teach him how to work out. What food that he needs to eat and avoid. I’m so proud that even without me, he loves to go to the gym!



For my sister, I don’t need to convince and force her to workout since she’s just like me who wanted to always look good. I’ve been her fitness instructor for a decade now. We’ve been working out everywhere, from Rockwell Club, Gym at my province or even at the beach. She’s been the type of person whose always conscious if she gained weight. No doubt, I’ve been teaching her “You only deserved to eat a very delicious food if you already done in your workout”. ha ha ha



My brother doesn’t love gym as much as I do but this guy is a superstar of any team that he plays with. He loves basketball more than anything else. I can say that height doesn’t apply to him. He is definitely a scoring machine and the guy that you needed to complete your lineup.



About my Super Mom, you will not recognized how old is she. She look so young at her age. Why I called her Super Mom? I can say that she’s a very good leader to her subordinates and I can also say that she’s the best leader that I know. A good adviser, very positive person and super loving Mom. She might not love to do some physical workout but she’s eating the right food. She’s doing cardio activities in the gym with my Dad and sister.



Why am I doing this? because I want them to have a long life so hopefully I can be such a good example for everyone. It’s not all about working out and having a perfect built. All of us should be a role model to everyone mostly to our family.

Thank you for reading my blog. Till next time guys!

My favorite combination before trimming down

When I started my workout during high school days. I don’t have enough budget to buy supplements since I’m saving my allowance for my food, going out like Friday night and Saturday night, buying games, etc. but as time goes by I thought that we can build muscles just by eating natural food like eating protein food, low carbs and a consistent workout. I’m also afraid that I read early 2003 that supplements can cause negative effect to our body and so I’m very hesitant to buy one.

I noticed that I have a lot of reasons and excuses just to skip taking supplements. I know the fact that there are people who have amazing built without a supplement. I can say that they are gifted and I won’t say any negative comments about them. People are bashing them that probably they are just saying they don’t use it but at the end of the day, no one knows. Again, I suggest everyone, let’s appreciate one another and support each other.

A couple of years later, I decided to buy my first supplement which is ON Gold Standard Whey Protein. It taste so good and it’s very easy to shake without seeing or feeling a solid powder while drinking it.




I used it as a post workout supplement. 2 scoops after my workout and it definitely helped me on my protein needs for my daily routine. With a 24G of Protein per scoop with  low levels of fat, cholesterol, lactose and other stuff. What more you can ask for right? I used this brand for almost my whole life and I will recommend that you guys should try it.

Last year, I tried a different combination of supplements because of my curiousity and I also heard a couple of opinions from other body builders to try it. I bought myself a gift which is Syntha-6 from BSN and  BCAA 1800. I have to admit if you really wanted to grow faster and you want to size up before trimming it down. Better buy Syntha-6. It’s very effective and of course the result will be better if the target of your workout program is for building the size of your built. I would also recommend to do some cardio after you workout to trim down some excess fat.



I would also like to share the food that I normally eat on a daily routine. I cooked a very simple high protein meal but I can tell you guys, I can eat this all day every day. 😎



RL Cross Tuna Meal Recipe:

1st, put a lil bit of Olive Oil until and when it’s warm. You can add some yellow onions and garlic.

2nd, fry the tuna and make sure you sliced it up with bite size so you can easily eat it.

3rd, mix at least 4 or 6 eggs without egg yolk but sometimes I add one or 2 egg yolks so it will taste better though we are trying to get as much protein with less cholesterol here.

4th, spice up with a lil bit of sea salt and super tiny bits of chilli powder.

After a few minutes, you can enjoy your protein meal.  Always remember, whatever you wanted to achieve in life or whatever goals you love to succeed. Make yourself as your role model because at the end. Satisfaction is the key for your happiness. Thanks for reading my blog guys. I will keep you posted. Till next time! 😎

My New Playground in Thailand

A couple of weeks ago. I arrived in Thailand “The Land of Smiles” to study Thai Language. I came from Philippines and I lived there for 31 years. Now, I’m planning to stay here in Bangkok and one of the first thing that I’m concerned of, is where can I workout?

I’m the type of person who cannot live my life without a gym or any fitness equipment at home. I’ve been working out since 15 years old which is half of my life. I’ve been so dedicated to workout though I’ve to admit that sometimes mostly at the end of the year. It’s kinda lazy month because there’s a lot of invites from different friends, relatives and colleagues to hangout since we normally celebrate the Christmas the whole month of December in Philippines.

I’m lucky to have my girlfriend Kimchi that she enrolled me right away in the Gym near to our home. At first, I’m thinking what it looks like since every time I visited Thailand for the last 2 years. I never go to the gym, I just buy a couple of equipment and do a hundreds of push-up. 10 sets with 20 to 25 reps per set and 20 seconds of rest. At least, I can maintain the tightness of the muscle and do some good stretching to make my day complete.

Now,  you might ask me. What is the name of the Gym. I’m proud to say that I enrolled for 1 year in SC Fitness or most of the people called it Sports City. It’s quite a cool gym and they have different types of membership. If you get the Diamond membership. You have full access everywhere including the hardcore area where you need to swipe your membership ID card just to enter the area.



Trying to take a rest in the Boxing area after a couple of supersets. You can also enjoy boxing for free if you get the Diamond membership.



If you love doing cardio, I’m sure you will enjoy at this area. There’s also a big area for cardio in the 1st floor since this is the 2nd floor of the gym.



Checking in the mirror for improvement and what to do next.



One of my favorite area inside the gym. I can do different type of excercise at this spot. I’m sure you know what I’m sayin’



20 second rest before my next set. 😎



Nice area isn’ it? I will show you more photos and review next time. The Sports City is so big that all the things you needed for your healthy lifestyle can be seen here. Including Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Badminton Court, Tennis Court, etc.

If I were you start enrolling now. Have a nice day.

Till next time. 😎

Most Memorable Moment at the Gym

I started to go to the gym at the age of 15 years old if I’m not mistaken. I saw my best friend’s Mom lifting heavy dumbbells and doing some leg exercise at around 300lbs and above. I’m very shocked on what a Super Mom can do at her age and she told us to visit a gym and do our workout.  She’s quite impressive and such an amazing woman.

I tried to follow what my best friend’s Mom advised us and I started my 1st workout. A gym just walking distance from my home. I’m very excited and I told myself, I will lift heavy weights and I will be like Triple H someday. I arrived at the entrance of the gym and I saw a couple of body builders lifting heavy weights and I’m so thin at that time that even a 40lbs Bench Press I cannot even balance.

I felt bad at that time because it seems that I’m the weakest guy in the gym and what’s more embarrassing that happened to me. I tried to add more weight to my Bench Press because I want to show them that I can also lift! and so this epic thing happened…

Since even a 40lbs I cannot balance and I add plus 10lbs to it. I forgot to lock the plates from the barbell and my arms were shaking so fast so the plates fell to the ground and broke the tiles. Everyone from the gym were looking at me and I felt body building is not for me. I’m so depressed at that time and went home. It took me a month before I can get over it and I told myself, I will go back to that gym after a year when I already have improvement in my built.

I thought I will never get back to the gym again because of the embarrassment that I get but that didn’t stop me to achieve my goals! It inspires me more to workout and never ever say I give up!

I advised to young people and mostly to the guys who wants to start from the scratch. Instead of being insecure to what others look like. Be inspired to the Body Builders, Power Lifters, Yoga Instructor, Crossfit Trainer, etc that you can see on the gym as your motivation and tell yourself. Time will come, I will be one of them. “Nothing is impossible, if you really wanted it”.


Early 2003 photo at the resort in Quezon Province, Philippines.



Year 2009 when I joined Mr. & Ms. Cardinal and I won  Mr. Popular award at this event.


FB_IMG_1512362229389.jpgYear 2015 at Boracay Beach, Philippines



Year 2017, I’m proud on what I’ve gained and always remember “Never ever, Give up!”.

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